Thursday, July 18, 2013

"The Grimm Project" by Trish Lavar - 2 Tales

I found the beautiful projects below by Trish Lavar fairly recently (first one or two then tracked down the sequences) and just adore the sketchy imagination drawn into the scenes!

It's not animation and it's not a live-action with animation crossover. It's beautiful photography with a little extra to make it something unique (and extremely fairy tale like). The impression we have is that we get a glimpse of what the character herself is really looking at, but that, even so, it remains a little hazy to us.

I completely relate to this...

First up: Little Red & the Wolf

See the next tale after the jump.
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And now: Snow White & the Woods

I want a book of fairy tales like this!

I also found a separate illustration of hers which I thought worth sharing too. It's titled Bird Woman and has the same lovely sketchy style as seen in her Grimm project as well as that sense of earthy myth - beautiful. I wish she would do/post more.
Bird Woman illustration by Trish Lavar
Go visit Trish's page on the Behance network HERE and "appreciate this" or "like" at the bottom. Tell her we love what she's doing. And that we'd like some more please!

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