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The Facebook Fairy Tale News Extras You (May Have) Missed (So Far...)

by `Foxfires (Aimee Stewart)

No, this is not what it looks like when I'm writing, researching and archiving fairy tale news in the middle of the night (-sigh-) but I wish it did!

In case you haven't had a chance to check out Facebook or Twitter for the fairy tale news extras and bonus bits, here's a roundup of what you've missed so far.

Please note: YOU DO NOT NEED A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT (or a Twitter one either) to view these! They are both public pages and you can go check on them anytime you wish.

NOTE: This is going to read like a huge long list of headlines with extra stuff in between. I'm including the blog headlines to give you a sense of how it all reads on FB & Twitter.

I'm also just going to link you twice, once HERE and once at the end, to the Facebook account which has all the links and videos and articles etc etc (since it's already very-late-o'clock, we are not all quite at 100% health here yet and you are all very smart cookies and don't need link-hand-holding, right? ie just click on the FB link, scroll to the date where the story is and voila!)

All shall be revealed (and there's a lot of it!) after the jump... (and yes, it is my first time inserting a "jump" so let me know if it's not working like it should please!)

The Facebook Posts from June 7, 2013 to July 5, 2013

  • We're back in the blogging business! Starting "small" with some gorgeous new Thumbelina artwork...


  • Fairy tale news today: I'll eat you up I love you so! (A luscious first look at the new French Beauty & the Beast).


  • Your Sunday fairy tale news update: Historical Disney Villains Debut: Maleficent (There's a lot Disney got right...)


  • On the blog today: The difference in the way men and women view keys. And Bluebeard. (Thanks to Theodora Goss for keeping the discussion going.)

  • Breaking news for faerie fans: "Wicked Lovely" - the film based on Melissa Marr's best selling YA book (& series) - is back on track. More official announcements coming soon.


  • On the blog today - Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters DVD/Blu-ray release day. (And a sequel in the works?!)

  • Blog update: Once Upon A More-Than-Just-A-Blog... Fairy tale art collections curated specially via OUAB for fairy tale readers, writers, artists and adventurers and much, much more.


  • Fairy tale news today: Fifty Shades of.. Little Mermaid? (Don't expect singing crabs.)


  • On the blog: Good grief, it's princess number 9! (And other Henson-and-fairy-tales trivia.)

  • Today's bonus video: "King of 8"


  • Variety film critic Dennis Harvey gives Once Upon A Blog...Fairy Tale News an exclusive statement today on his newly curated collection, "Journey Into Fairy Tale Film"!

  • Your Friday fairy tale funny. 


  • On the blog: "I used to be Snow White but I drifted." (Mae West) SWATH sequel hints Snow White will show her dark side. (Use the force Snow!)


  • On the blog today: Heigh Ho Heigh Ho, it's off to work they go again. The seven dwarfs are back for new Disney Junior series "7D", but not before they get a complete with makeover.

  • A couple of excerpts from an interesting interpretation of Hansel & Gretel:

"Some at this point have interpreted the Witch as being Hansel and Gretel's Mother, and she may very well be, for it's possible at this point that she has already died, and the undead of folklore most often come back to kill their families, especially their children first...
"... Rather than eating them right away, however, the witch locks Hansel up in a cage to fatten him up, however, he tricks her by using a chicken bone to make her think that he's staying skinny. This trick is a common theme in Ugric fairy tales in Finnland and Northern Russia which seems to indicate that part of this story comes from these lands."
(- Fairy tale interpretations for writers, artists & the curious)


  • Big - VERY big! - news on the blog today: Street artist-duo, Herakut, are leaving their magic on walls all over the world with their The Giant Storybook Project.

  • "So I started reading a lot of fairy tales, and one thing that struck me was how matter-of-fact they are. People are seldom surprised in fairy tales, or if they are, they rapidly adapt. And I thought that whatever happens in my story, it should be surprising to the audience, but not surprising to the people it's happening to." Audrey Niffenegger (author of TheTime Traveler's Wife) on researching for her new illustrated novella "Raven Girl", now being made into a ballet.

  • Breaking news: The Weather Channel is "Frozen" (or will be)


  • On the blog today: The Snow Queen Cometh - marketing heats up for Disney's "Frozen".

  • Breaking News: "Frozen" trailer, er, cartoon released.

  • Fairy tale author chat tomorrow! Starts 8am EST. Everyone can join in and IT'S FREE. :)


  • On the blog today: Abigail Larson dusts off her Beauty & the Beast project (& possibly more).

  • Giveaway happening right now during Goodreads author chat with Kate Wolford! Click link to enter. ‎#fairytalenews

  • With more fairy tale movies on the way, including "Frozen" (a retelling of The Snow Queen from Disney) it's worth taking a look at this article on Brave again - and how, in writing a "new" fairy tale, Brenda Chapman & team got a lot of it right:


  • (Reluctantly) on the blog today: "Transgressive artist" McCarthy's Dirty White Snow. OUAB article is rated G. The exhibition is not. (AKA the elephant in the fairy tale newsroom this week.)

  • A modern Beauty & the Beast play out their story in an office environment in a touching song released in 2012 by Irish band Kodaline.


  • On the blog today: Helena Bonham Carter to play Cinderella's Fairly-Odd-Mother, er, Fairy Godmother. (And why we like this.)

  • Friday fairy tale funny: Bad Wolf! (Part of the Fairy Tale Who series by Karen Hallion. Prints, shirts & more available for purchase at link.)

  • An article fitting perfectly with today's news, from our fairy tale friend Laura Athena - told in lots of lovely pics and sensible sentences that will explain why so many of us love this film.


  • On the blog today: The advice column we wish was real.

  • I am busy archiving the posts of Once Upon A Blog onto Fairy Tale News Archive Boards on Pinterest (eg: ♛ FTNewsArchive~Jun/Jul 2013 ♛ ) so you can see all the old stories at a glance. I'm working backward in batches. I started with the current "active" archive I'm adding each day's posts to and have completed back to the beginning of March 2012. The newest posts for each time period are at the top. Each have a representational image, the headline, the day it was posted and image credit. The archive boards are also at the top of the Once Upon A Blog Pinterest page so you don't have to hunt for them. []

  • "So maybe fairytales represent both the fear that we haven't left behind our roots as fully as we like to believe — but also the hope that something we'd cast aside from our pre-modern past could be a source of power or fulfillment." - Charlie Jane Anders for iO9/ Paper cut animation art by Lotte Reiniger


  • On the blog today: New Snow Queen illustrations by an artist who not only is clearly steeped in tales & myth, but also understands the dangerous beauty of Winter.

  • New Beauty & the Beast Vinylmations are proving too cool to leave on the shelf as collectibles. They must be played with! Check the slideshow at link to see some of the fun people are having.

  • Your Sunday fairy tale movie: Little Red Riding Hood, written and directed by David Kaplan, starring Christina Ricci as Red. This is the whole movie ~12 mins but give yourself 15 because this is your great-great Granny's Red, (yes, THAT Granny with the bawdy sense of humor), not your kid's Red... ;)
FT Trivia bonus: The film bears similarities to one of the earliest Italian versions of the fairytale, known as "La Finta Nonna" (The False Grandmother). (Note: this is the whole 12 minute-ish short film - not just a trailer or teaser)

  • A second post on the blog today (because I just couldn't wait any longer to share the news...): Marissa Meyer, YA Author, posts exciting news on her 3rd sci-fi fairy tale book of The Lunar Chronicles: "Cress".

  • Archiving OUAB posts and realized the artists & animators for Eowyn Ivey's beautiful "The Snow Child" book trailer remained uncredited, because even the author didn't know, at the time, who was responsible. (!)

I just updated a very old blog post with this:
The designs for the trailer were created by artist/illustrator Fiona Woodcock and the trailer was animated by Verdant Films - something which seemed difficult to pin down when this book was getting so much attention. Such beautiful work needs to be acknowledged! Thankfully, book trailers are now eligible for Moby Awards so hopefully a) people will be more aware of those artists behind the scenes who are doing beautiful work to promote writers b) more effort will go into the quality of book trailers in general. Congratulations Ms. Woodcock & Verdant Films! This is beautiful and unforgettable work. 

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***


  • Blog post today: Once Upon A Time In Wonderland releases new (much shorter& more interesting) promo. PS OUATIW is set to air Thursdays starting this Fall, while OUAT will remain on Sundays.

  • On the blog again today: event highlights! We had quite an enchanted conversation with Kate Wolford in the Goodreads Author Chat last week. A summary, some "quotables", thought provoking excerpts & links to all the transcripts have been posted.
PS Did you know there's a writing competition happening right now with a ka-ching! of $200 going to the winner and $50 to runner ups in honor of Kate's new book? Anyone can enter. Details shortly.

Grand Prize: $200 ~ Four Honorable Mention Prizes: $50 eachDeadline: August 15, 2013, at 11:59 p.m., EST.* The following NOT-YOUR-USUAL tales should serve as inspiration for stories or poems you submit. They, are, of course, in the book, and you can find them online as well. But the contest is designed to celebrate the book.
"The Nixy," "The Soldier and the Vampire," "The Three Pennies," "Fairy Gifts," "The Loving Pair," "The Dirty Shepherdess," "The Gifts of the Little People," "The Blue Light," "King Pig," and "Kisa the Cat."
***Open to all 18+***Spread the word!*** Write & Win $!***Details at link***

  • Once Upon A Blog.. fairy tale news stories archive is now complete from today's entries, back to the beginning of January 2012. (Phew!) Now on to 2011...


  • On the blog today: What Samantha Morton has in common with HCA's Little Mermaid.

  • Also on the blog today: Into The Woods movie - the cast list is getting more solid by the day. Here it is so far. As of yesterday. As best we can confirm.

  • "SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS: THE CREATION OF A CLASSIC" will be at the Norman Rockwell Museum, 9 Glendale Road in Stockbridge, Mass., until Sunday, Oct. 27

Once you've had your fill of Cress's first chapter, be sure to head over to my blog for your FIRST CHANCE to win an advance copy of CRESS!

  • Added an announcement on the blog today as well:

  • I tried to share this yesterday but it wasn't showing up for some reason. Clearly I am living in the wrong part of the world right now! I would dearly love to attend this. Perhaps someone can be talked into recording the event? If you're inDevon UK please go and take notes, video, pics - anything! I want to know everything.  (Via Terri Windling)
PS Isn't the poster just BEAUTIFUL!PPS I will likely put this on the blog as well so you will see another post here some time soon as well.

  • On the blog today: Article from The Washington Post with Maria Tatar weighing on "What's With All the Fairy Tale Remakes these Days?"
  • "I have been inspired by the fairy tales Cinderella and Snow White. These stories are part of every girl`s fantasy, and through the paintings, I express childlike and innocent feelings in a simple manner," says artist Seema Chaudhary of her Chromophore series.
  • Looks like Alice is popping up all over the place these days. For Zenescope's Grimm Fairy Tales fans: new Wonderland comic has been released (genre: horror). Review at link.

  • The newest fairy tale novel by Regina Doman, "Rapunzel Let Down" is now available. (There's a preview of Chapters 1 thru 3 at the link.) Other fairy tale novels by Ms. Doman can be found at

  • On the blog today: Needed: plane ticket to Devon - stat!

  • Also on the blog today: From downstairs to upstairs, servant to stepsister, Sophie McShera gets a new role (casting news from Branagh's "Cinderella".)

  • Gonna-be-pro, theater camp for kids (Grades K to 12) is staging a full-on Snow White production as kids are boot-camp trained via a "professional perspective" approach, culminating in a full musical production aiming to career-launch the budding thespians. "Missoula Children's Theater provides us with professional actors and directors that tour the country to offer these productions," Mike Templeton, art center director said. "They teach the children all of the necessary concepts during the week." (Aw, look at the cute little evil... !) - details at link.

  • National Bookstart Week's theme for 2013 is fairy tales. "We hope that the theme of fairy tales will capture the imagination of all families and encourage them to read with their child every day. Some parents and carers feel that fairy tales are not relevant any more, and forget that these magical stories can help their child solve problems, develop emotional resilience and make sense of the world around them. Fairy tales have been shared for generations and can inspire children to become readers and storytellers for life." Bookstart also includes information on a recent fairy tale favorites survey amongst parents.

  • Podcast episode from "Other Side of the Mirror" (OUAT Fancast) discussing Serena Valentino's wonderful Wicked Queen POV retelling "Fairest of All" as well as Regina's character in Once Upon A Time.

  • On the blog today: "MORE??!?" My fairy tale newsroom crew having been hard at work trying find more ways to get MORE fairy tale news out to you all. Behold: visual archives, multi-daily news updates, more art, more ways to share, more insider updates, more social media networks than ever.. You want more fairy tale news? You've got it. :)

  • Your Friday fairy tale funny: Exploding princesses. (Really.)

  • Lovely jointed paper doll on Etsy. (There's a Thumbelina story coming later today.)

  • Johnny Depp interviewed (very briefly) about becoming The Big Bad Wolf in "Into the Woods". (Scroll down for video.)

  • "Cinderella (A RATical retelling)" cleans up at Toronto's Dora Awards. (I'll post a link to a review explaining how this is delightfully different to other Cinderella musicals next.)

  • The Multiple Dora Award Winning "Cinderella (a RATical retelling)" - Review excerpt:" (The theater) is overrun with rats. Sniffing, scratching, singing, dancing, kazoo-playing rats. Their names are Claws, Ears, Tail, Teeth and Whiskers, and they’re the tale tellers – or should that be, tail tellers? – of British playwright Mike Kenny’s delightful Cinderella (a RATical retelling). (Kenny's play gives us) rats who are proud, feisty proletarians. Rats with an attitude. In other words, more Dickens than Disney. (They also seem to have spent their spare time listening to old musical-comedy recordings.)"
For the rest of the review & story details click on the link.

  • Great review! (Forgets to mention it's for "Once Upon A Mattress.")
"In this cleverly twisted version of “The Princess and the Pea,” a moat-swimming bog princess rescues a much-daunted Prince Dauntless from his mother’s protective clutches — and saves a kingdom from forced chastity.
Wendy Bax plays the part of Queen Aggravain as though she had been, as Groucho Marx once said, “vaccinated with a phonograph needle.” Her aggressively strident performance captures the spirit of the conniving uber-momma to perfection. Her husband, the accursed King Sextimus the Silent, is skillfully portrayed by local theater veteran Tony Smith, who is so good at playing “befuddled” that we wonder how he finds his way home from the theater..."
A longer review is online at [Original review at]

  • On the blog again today: Grimm Season 2 on Blu-ray coming Sep 17 + merchandise too. Also, why I like Grimm. - Yes. I really do! - Consider it my review of season 2... of a sort. (With fixed typos - ie. the ones I noticed after publishing the 1st time anyway, and an extra footnote.) :)

  • California Contemporary Ballet staging Thumbelina with gigantic new sculptures by New Mexico Set Designer (pictured).
Article excerpt: "Mr. Bowker has also built the large metal Tulip that will open (with use of hydraulics) to reveal thetiny Thumbelina (aka, Jaclyn Stryker who will perform the role). He notes, “The upside of using sets made of metal is that Thumbelina will be able to slide down a flower petal to get to the dance floor and some of the fairies will be able to sit on leaves of the tall flowers.” Mr. Bowker is as excited as anyone to see his creations on stage with the dancers. Once Bowker delivers these giant beauties his work won’t be done as he directs the crew on the use of the sets backstage during the show.
Lead choreographer and art director Aerin Holt says, “We are very excited about working with Kurt’s creations. This ballet will be a melding of contemporary dance, classical ballet and aerial arts, and a perfect choice for the entire family.”
Lead choreographer and art director Aerin Holt says, “We are very excited about working with Kurt’s creations. This ballet will be a melding of contemporary dance, classical ballet and aerial arts, and a perfect choice for the entire family.”(

  • Article excerpt: Valeria Gai Germanika's... latest project, The Dream-God, is a contemporary reworking of (Hans) Christian Andersen’s Ole-Luk-Oie. (I must admit, I didn't remember anything about this tale until I saw an illustration! So I included one for you by Nielsen.)

  • Disney development artist's work on an un-made Scheherezade and his development work on Beauty & teh Beast. ‎#gorgeous (Heh - I even left my typo in to be authentic.)

  • Games and Fairy Tales: (article excerpt) "Just as Disney replaced Fairy Tale books with their movies, those movies got replaced with video games as a number of game developers published games based on fairy tales. We bring you a list of such games... (reminding) you of the fairy tales we heard as kids, only playable."

  • A very different, contemporary clothing line inspired by a German literary fairy tale. I'll admit I had not heard of this story before (I added a link below to a plot summary) but it's really interesting to see how it inspired the designer.That collar motif is very fairy tale-like indeed.
Excerpt: “It all started with a black and white illustration. The lurking flowers which symbolise destiny or a rabbits burrow,” explains creative director and lead designer Jeva Bartusevicuite. The novel famously known as Die Blonde Berta translated to English as “The Blonde Bertha”, tells a story of a heroine destined for challenges laid out by fate and irony. The heroine, known as Bertha, resonates with most women as she is tough but rises through the darkness in this melancholic fairy tale."Tale summary:
  • Did You Know? Disney originally planned to make a short straight-to-video film called "China Doll," a Cinderella-esque story about a sad and oppressed Chinese girl who falls in love with an English man, who takes her back to the United Kingdom. But writer-director Robert Sans Souci convinced Disney to change the story to an adaptation of the poem "The Song of Fa Mu Lan." We're so glad he did!

  • Apologies for lack of headlines or many extras here (or on Twitter or Pinterest). Kiddo had fevers & is sick with a mild form of meningitis since late Sat (which I now have too) and am largely out of it. Blog itself still had posts go up daily (so far). Hopefully back to health & headlining etc by weeks end.
  • Breaking news on the blog today: Emma Watson is About to Meet Her Beast (casting news)

  • Breaking news on the blog yesterday (which I can't help but share now): Did you see the REAL trailer for Frozen yet? (Hint: it may help if you know Japanese)

  • I have a lot of headlines and extras to catch up on posting here! Bear with me as I do it over a short period of time. I don't want to inundate anyone's feed with everything at once.
  • On the blog last Saturday: Once Upon A Time In Wonderland's episode count grows like magic mushrooms... How limited can a "limited Wonderland series" be?

  • On the blog last Sun: Lx Magazines 200th Anniversary Tribute to Grimm's - Part 1 of 5 Intro & Aschenputtel

  • Also on the blog on Sun: Frenzy for Hello Kitty "popular fairy tales series" plush - "The Singing Bone". (The Singing Bone is a popular tale?? Apparently, yes!)

  • On the blog Monday: Ghibli has a new fairy tale coming our way in Fall!

  • On the blog yesterday: Disney going to transform (iO9 says "ruin") their Beauty & the Beast animated classic by making a live action movie based on it.
  • On the blog earlier on Wednesday: Upset artists re-imagine Frozen with PoC* in a Diversify Disney initiative. (*People of Color)
  • A response to seeing the new Frozen trailer on iO9, re OK, we got it. It's another Princess movie. What's next?
"They'll do Hansel and Gretel and call it Roasted. 
Then they'll do Humpty Dumpty and call it Scrambled. 
Then they'll do The Elves and the Shoemaker and call it Cobbled. 
Then they'll do The Princess and the Pea and call it Slept. 
Then they'll do Rumpelstiltskin and call it Spun." 
(I couldn't help but snicker a little...)
  • On the blog today: Red Riding Hood included in contemporary artist exhibit of famous literary character Portraits.
  • Also on the blog today: Seriously adorable trailer for Laika's new film Boxtrolls (based on "Here Be Monsters" - a raised by wolves, er, trolls story)
  • I love coming across people thinking about tales in different ways. I think it's one of the things we have Once Upon A Time to thank for - that people are looking at stock & archetypical characters with very different eyes (and a lot more suspicion). Here's something I found on Tumblr today from Llereurol The Great:
*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-I FIGURED IT OUT!Okay. So I was at Disneyland and I was walking through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and it hit me. The answer to the age old question my friends and I ponder at."Why the heck was Maleficent so pissy about not being invited to the birthday bash/betrothal/party that was being held for Aurora?"She helped create Aurora! King Stefan and his Queen longed for a child. Maybe because the Queen couldn’t have one. And so they went to Maleficent because the Good Fairies specifically said they could only do Good Magic. And many stories say that creating a life is technically Dark Magic because it requires the taking of a life to make a new one (remember Arthur?). When the Queen and Stefan had their child, they were ashamed of what they did and tried to hide it. They didn’t invite her to the party-thingy because then they would have been discovered. Maybe I am reading WAY too much into this or maybe I am just crazy but it seems like a likely reason.But yeah- things you think of at Disneyland!*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*( - pic via
  • Holiday movie (or it is for US folks while they wait for fireworks): A lovely, gorgeous, just-WOW, collection of Snow Queen books and illustrations for your enjoyment. Sit back and enjoy. :)

  • Your Friday fairy tale funny: With all the news this week from Frozen this might elicit more of an "Oh dear!" than a giggle so I'm going to give you another soon...

  • Friday fairy tale funny bonus: From the smartest T-rex we know.

  • On the blog today: Finally! A Fables Film! & what that might look like. PLUS there's a Willingham-approved Fables game being released for Xbox 360, PC, Mac and PS3 - any second now...

  • Supplemental to today's blog article: More about the Fables game being released: a big preview - first look and all about the story ie. what happened before the first issue of Fables.

 Phew! That took waaaay longer than I thought it would! I don't know if I'll get other news up in the morning yet or not. If not, I'll probably be posting some more on Facebook & Twitter at the very least in the afternoon. :)
Once again:
the link to all the other links as promised:

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