Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Course Details on the FREE USF Fairy Tale MOOC with Kevin Yee (Starts August 5th!)

Note: All images in this post are from one of my newer favorite illustrated version of Snow White. These are from "Blancanieves" by Iban Barranetxea (website/blog at link)
Free Online Class: Fairy Tales by Kevin Yee 
(Reposted from HERE with permission)
Some of you know that my “day job” is in Higher Education. Among the classes I teach is one on Fairy Tales, with focus on Disney, Grimms, and Perrault. This college class is now available to the general public, and it’s completely free! There’s not even a book to buy for the class! 
The class is a massive open online course (MOOC) and is administered through canvas.net - it’s free to sign up and take the class! It’s a four-week course starting on August 5. 
Here’s the schedule:
Week 1 – Cinderella
Week 2 – Snow White and Sleeping Beauty
Week 3 – Rapunzel and the Frog Princess
Week 4 – Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast 
The class was built to expect about two hours of engagement/interaction (“work”) per week, so it’s not meant to overload the participants with chores and duties. In that sense, it’s less rigorous than my regular college classes. The class doesn’t have any required (synchronous) meetings; you do the work whenever you want within the week. 
This course does not have a completion certificate – you’d be taking it just for the fun of it. There aren’t any papers or projects. While the class does offer quizzes and discussion boards, there isn’t really a rigorous process to “pass” the course since there isn’t a certificate offered anyway. 
The class is, however, experimental in a different sense: it’s got game elements in it. We added badges and group competition, as well as Easter eggs, throughout the class. Each group is named after one of Walt’s seven dwarfs–it works a lot like the Harry Potter “house” competition, where individuals can earn badges for the whole group. This should be fun! 
Please feel free to sign up and spread the word. I can’t wait to share with you what these fairy tales used to mean and how they’ve been changed for modern audiences!! Sign up HERE.
One of the "nicer" (?) ways I've seen the Queen depicted ,dancing to her death in red hot iron shoes
I've signed up. Will you join me? Hope to see some of you next week and talk fairy tales with you!


  1. This course sounds great! I am just now finishing up a storytelling masters course I took this summer, so I am really excited about this free opportunity! Plus the Harry-Potter style competition sounds very intriguing... :-)

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  3. How gorgeous are those images, I've not see them before. Will definitely check the link out.

    The course sounds fab!

  4. I'm so sorry I didn't find this sooner. Coincidentally my art partner and I are exploring Cinderella this month on our art blog. Wish we had known about the course we would have signed in a flash! Hope you do it again. The meaning of fairy tales holds continuous fascination for me and I am delighted to find fellow afficianados.

  5. I try sign up but too many other free crouse I wantg learn about Cinderella