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LX Magazine's Tribute to 200th Anniversary of Grimms Household Tales - Rotkäppchen (Tale 3 of 5)

"Little RedRiding Hood"photography Viona lelegems Model Jolien Rosanna Post-production Chester Can Bommel
Tale three from the 200th Anniversary Grimm's Household Tales Tribute by Lx Magazine: Illuminating Luxury. Enjoy.
- FTNH aka Fairy Tale News Hound aka Gypsy
Rotkäppchen - Little Red-Cap
“Many years ago there lived a dear little girl who was beloved by every one who knew her; but her grand-mother was so very fond of her that she never felt she could think and do enough to please this dear grand-daughter, and she presented the little girl with a red silk cap, which suited her so well, that she would never wear anything else, and so was called Little Red-Cap.
One day Red-Cap’s mother said to her, ‘Come, Red-Cap, here is a nice piece of meat, and a bottle of wine: take these to your grandmother; she is weak and ailing, and they will do her good. Be there before she gets up; go quietly and carefully.’

The grandmother lived far away in the wood, a long walk from the village, and as Little Red-Cap came among the trees she met a Wolf; but she did not know what a wicked animal it was, and so she was not at all frightened. ‘Good morning, Little Red-Cap,’ he said.”

You can read the full tale as published in Grimms Household Tales HERE (translated to English) and learn much more about Little Red Riding Hood's history HERE.

The fourth tale text and (amazing!) photo will be posted next week. :)
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