Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Breaking News: A Real "Frozen" Trailer (aka the one we wanted to see) Surfaces. In Japan.

This trailer appeared online courtesy of a Japanese entertainment program just a few hours ago. (Please note: I don't have anything against Japan getting a first-scoop look. It just feels like they're being treated as a testing ground in case Disney has to do damage control, which doesn't seem entirely respectful to me.) And, yes, I'm sorry but it is in Japanese. I did hunt down a version without the floating heads-reaction shots for you though.

Take a look:

Yes - this IS the trailer we wanted to see and now I can understand people getting a little more excited about the movie overall. There's some backstory at the beginning of Elsa (who becomes the Snow Queen) leaving a formal looking party and there are implications she gets more and more cold hearted throughout. I'm also getting a good hint of why we have a talking snow man now - not just a weird sidekick but also a foreshadow and/or parallel story for the sisters... Maybe.

Note: Anybody who speaks Japanese is welcome to let us know what's actually being said. We're all more than a little curious to see how many, if any, tale elements are being woven into this film.

Honestly though, I'm still incredibly underwhelmed by the designs. (More on that topic coming tomorrow... hoo boy!) It doesn't look especially epic, (or even Disney, truth be told) just big budget compared to other versions with some very nice animation. Unfortunately, despite having been on the disappointed side with the most recent fairy tale "re-envisioning" from Disney, I still expect more than just top-notch technical proficiency. I expect "new classic." #stillwaitingforthewow

What do you think?

EDIT: Additional comments added 7-3-13
I had to add these, now the trailer has gotten around the web a little more.

There's a good point floating out there, about Japan and their love of cute or "kyutt-o" and this trailer is certainly that. (As one commenter pointed out, "Even their weather forecasts are adorable!") Perhaps that "we-love-it-it's-so-kyutt-o" reaction is the enthusiastic reaction Disney is looking for before they launch things in the US. (Who knows?)

Another set of disgruntled/underwhelmed/meh viewers basically all said: OK, it's another princess movie - we got that. What's next? To which one person replied:
"They'll do Hansel and Gretel and call it Roasted.Then they'll do Humpty Dumpty and call it Scrambled.Then they'll do The Elves and the Shoemaker and call it Cobbled.Then they'll do The Princess and the Pea and call it Slept.Then they'll do Rumpelstiltskin and call it Spun.  "
I couldn't help but snicker just a little...
Source: BleedingCool.com 
Additional comments source: iO9

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  1. Once upon a time...

    I used to love Disney and get excited about new movies by them. Now, I just cringe a little when I hear about a new release. Still, I was pleasantly surprised by "Tangled" (despite the smart-brow ads and name), so I really don't know what to think.