OUAB Fairy Tale Boards on Pinterest

I have a very active (and super shiny!) Pinterest account, set up as an extension of Once Upon A Blog, with LOTS of fairy tale goodies to discover. (You're welcome to read more about the Pinterest extension of Once Upon A Blog in my initial post in June 2013 HERE.)

Here is a list of tale boards (in general alpha order) to date. They are all linked to that specific board on Pinterest, rather (than my "all 227+ boards" page) so you can jump straight to that tale. Please note, that except for newly started boards, I keep all the "tale boards" together and in general alpha order on my Pinterest home page as well. (New-ish boards will be at the bottom until I've taken the time to drag them up to the others and I create boards fairly regularly so keep checking back):

Note: If you're looking for collections of classic fairy tale illustrations, the SurLaLune website is a great resource and links you to others too.
  • My Faux Fairy Tale Compendium is my "wishlist" of fairy tale illustrations to include if I ever had the chance to curate my ultimate personal fairy tale compendium. This will never be complete...
  • Once Upon An Illustration - a "catch-all" board for fairy tales I either haven't started a board for yet, tales there are unlikely to be enough images for to justify a dedicated board, images with more than one tale or illustrations that are almost certainly from/inspired by a fairy tale but aren't identified.
  • Asian Folklore - covering a variety of Chinese, Japanese, Korean & other Asian fairy tales and folklore

There are also:

& many,


  1. I'm glad I discovered your blog. I love fairy tales and it seems they are being rediscovered, renewed and revised everyday. What great links! Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I love your blog! Fairy tales are so beautifully awesome :D