"CAGES" (Serialized Story Podcast & Free PDF)

 Original Podcast Episodes & Free PDF

By popular request, here are the five episodes of my short series podcast, "Cages", recorded for Supernatural Fairy Tales in 2009 and originally available there over a series of posts, as well as a link to download the FREE custom-covered-and-designed PDF* of the complete story.

I have not changed the audio from the original edit so the introduction for Supernatural Fairy Tales remains intact.

Please note: this short series podcast was created quickly (1 week to write and 1 week to record/edit) and was my first effort at 'podcasting' so the production quality (& complexity) gets better with every episode. By the last episode there are full sound effects and music is used throughout. 
Music used is by the awesome Steampunk Band ABNEY PARK, and is used by permission. Please support their amazing music and how generous they are in supporting other artists (such as writers like me) in giving their permission. You can learn all about them and buy their music HERE.


(with Epilogue)


These recordings and PDF are protected by Creative Commons: You're welcome to enjoy & share with as many people as you like! Just give credit to the author (me) and do not use for profit. :)

I have a short, but important, list of people to thank for their role in this process:
  • Steampunk band "Abney Park" and 'Captain Robert', for generously giving me permission to play their music throughout the podcast. You guys have the BEST music for this genre! Thank you for allowing me to use your music to help tell my story.
  • Dorlana Vann of Supernatural Fairy Tales for hosting the story and audio and for being patient with me on the technical details as I figure out my first podcast. Thank you for your generosity with the different blog format and for helping put my story out there. You really are 'a good fairy'.
  • My husband Tom, for being my cheerleader, my extra eyes (and ears) on the story and for making sure I had chunks of uninterrupted time to focus on the work needed to get it all done. Extra-extra thanks for being so patient during the hours (and hours!) it took me to figure out the design for the PDF then make it happen. I couldn't have done it without your support. 
  • My son 'Jackzilla', who inspires me daily and gives me the best reason to write: these stories are for you little guy! 
Thank you!

I also got a very nice review by "Diamonds & Toads", which you can read HERE. (Thank you Kate!)

I hope you enjoy this different version of Jorinde & Joringel. Discovering my Muse had decided on steampunk was quite a challenge but now I'm completely hooked! Maybe there will be more steampunk fairy tales coming your way in the future... ;)

Gypsy Thornton