Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just Right for a OUAT Morning Show: Yvette Nicole Brown Is Goldie Locksley

I should apologize for not highlighting this when it came in, but honestly I didn't think it was weird, different or standout when it did. It didn't occur to me to make a big deal of a black woman being cast as Goldilocks because, well, why not?

Perhaps, because I've been looking at a lot of different fairy tales from cultures all over the world again lately, including variations of what we think of as "European ones", it just didn't stand out.  But isn't that just as it should be? I don't know...

So I'm posting a LOOK AT THIS! just in case I really should have pointed this out as a big deal, because to some people it (rightly) will be.

Yvette Nicole Brown is playing Goldilocks (actually, Goldie Locksley) on Once Upon A Time! Sort of.
From WetPaint: 
Yvette won’t be on the hit ABC show when it returns this fall; instead, she’s featured as Good Morning Storybrooke news anchor “Goldie Locksley” on OUAT Season 2 bonus features, ET Online revealed today (July 18, 2013). She describes her unique portrayal of Goldilocks as a “Katie Couric” type who is “really bubbly and smiles a lot,” which is unsurprisingly familiar to her Community character, Shirley.

Here's Yvette Nicole Brown's response on taking Goldie Locksley's chair on the OUAT morning show:
Though Yvette admitted that “every black chick in Hollywood is waiting for that call for [The Princess and the Frog’s] Tiana,” she’s happy “they made Goldilocks a curvy black chick.” To see her twist on the classic character — including Goldie Locksley’s reports on Bambi’s survival, the town’s wolves acting up, and the Little Lady Who Lives in a Shoe,” pick up Once Upon a Time: The Complete Second Season on August 13
Here's a little, extremely-excited-crew interview, behind-the-scenes of Good Morning Storybrooke from ETonline:
I do find this interesting though: a call to see whether people would like to have Ms. Brown join the OUAT cast as a show regular. The only problem I see with this is that such a character really is larger than life and difficult to keep under control the radar, which may not fit well with the soap-like dynamic of individual crisis' happening in Storybrooke (although the main cast aren't even there this season, they're in Neverland), but I like the potential for shaking things up.
Would you like to see Yvette Nicole Brown on OUAT permanently? Check out a Good Morning Storybrooke set visit video below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!
For myself, I would LOVE to see her riff on the Once upon A Time doings! She was a fantastically insightful, smart and very funny guest on The Talking Dead last season (hosted commentary show immediately airing after the latest episode of The Walking Dead - not to be missed if you like pop-culture - the thoughts thrown around here are really punchy stuff) and I wondered then why I hadn't seen her talk more as herself, rather than just as a character. 

Attention OUAT creators: If you want some extra thought-provoking and hilarious material, let Yvette ad lib! (You can always edit later...)

If you want to see Ms. Brown join the regular cast, pipe up HERE!

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