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Out of Comic-Con: OUAT Season 3 Trailers & Spoilers (Hidden)

Out of San Diego Comic-Con come all sorts of wonders, including much anticipated sneak-peeks of new shows and next season reveals. Once Upon A Time didn't disappoint.

The trailers for Season 3 shown below have NO NEW FOOTAGE (ie spoiler-free) but they're a good summary to remind you of what the set-up is for next season.

There was, however, new footage shown which hasn't been publicly released yet. One is from some DVD extras which will be available on the Season 2 Blu-ray (& DVD) and the other was a preview from Season 3. We can't show it but we can describe it.

The most details appear to have come from Entertainment Weekly so I'll post excerpts from there:

First the non-spoilery DVD extra which sounds fun:
There was also (during the screening) a quick “commercial break” – a morning show called “Good Morning Storybrooke,” hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown and Paul Scheer featuring dating advice from Dr. Whale and a low budget commercial for Mr. Gold’s pawn shop. “If you lived it, I have it!” Robert Carlyle narrated in the clip – noting that all the significant magical objects from the show have found their way into his hands. (The full episode of “Good Morning Storybrooke” will be available on the season 2 DVD.)
Here's the trailer for "GMS":

And now for the Season 3 sneak peek description....

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     SPOILERS BELOW!!!    >>>>>>>>>>>>>
✒ ✒ ✒  ✒ (If you want to read the spoilers, click the "Read more" link below) ✒ ✒ ✒ ✒ ✒ 

A short clip that kicked off with Grumpy/Leroy whistling the “High Ho” song as he took a lunch break, a nice little touch in itself. He opened his lunch box, and looked out over the sea. Suddenly, a thin, pale hand reached into his lunch box and stole his fork! He followed the footprints to a blue dress draped over some driftwood, and, lamenting the loss of his fork, peered into the waves. A head of magnificent red hair rose to the surface, clutching the fork in victory, and then the girl dove under the water, exposing a delightfully shiny blue tail.
(Yes - it's The Little Mermaid, Ariel, complete with dingelhopper.)
Fan made
... As for the mysterious Peter Pan, Horizitz and Kitsis promised he will be non-traditional, and maybe a little frightening. They said the Neverland on “Once” will be recognizable, but with a few special twists. For example, Tinkerbell will have an unlikely connection to one of the characters – and meeting her will reveal some surprises.
... Also, season 3 will run in two sets of 11 episodes each — one block in the fall and one in the spring.
Back when OUATinWonderland's trailer appeared, complete with mermaiden tails making a little splash, Horowitz and Kitsis said:
"“Obviously Neverland brings up mermaids and it brings up fairies. (Edit FTNH: That would be the Tinkerbell aspect we already knew about.) We have ideas for Ariel. When we introduce her is up in the air because we're still figuring out what we want to do. There's a possibility we'll see her. She's one of our favorite characters. If and when we do it, we just want to make sure we do it right. The thing that we love to do and that we will continue to do is, we do love to be able to say, here's the backstory of an iconic character, but it's not what you think. So for Beauty and the Beast, we realized the beast was Rumpelstiltskin. And we realized Bae was with the Darlings, and that Red Riding Hood was the wolf. We still want to be able to show you our versions of things, and of course Ariel is at the top of the list."
So, while I don't think anyone is truly surprised Ariel is finally "airing" on OUAT, perhaps we will be by her not-what-we-think backstory. (Here's hoping.) No news on who Ariel will be yet but no doubt we will find out very soon... (I'm guessing she'll be a red-head but then Belle is actually blonde so you never, quite, know...)

One last spoilery thing (which, if you got this far I'm sure you won't mind finding out about either): OUATinWonderland STARTS in Storybrooke - on OUAT-time.
Fan made prediction poster
Get this: The first episode of Wonderland currently starts in Storybrooke. We’re sworn to secrecy on details beyond that. But let’s just say that while the two shows will maintain clear and separate identities (it’s important to ABC and the showrunners that Wonderland can stand-alone with its own easily accessible story) this won’t be the last time the world Once Upon mingles over to Thursdays at 8 p.m. 
I’m hedging a little about the exact placement of the Storybrooke scene in the Wonderland pilot because, asOnce Upon fans know, a full episode has not yet been shot, so the order of the scenes could change from the presentation screened for ABC executives. In fact, we’re told producers only filmed 19 minutes of footage from the story they mapped out in December for the Wonderland premiere episode. That’s pretty rock star — landing a spot on ABC’s fall schedule without even shooting half an episode! (EW)
Want more? You can read the whole OUAT at Comic-Con article, with cast reactions and other details HERE.

And if you use your google-fu you will come up with plenty of Ariel predictions - like THIS, THISTHIS and THIS, some art and more wishful thinking by fans for Season 3.

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