Friday, July 19, 2013

If Baba Yaga Were A Horse...

Baba Yaga by ELena Davydova (Lenika86)
Well. Yes. This is a strange one but stranger things still have happened in folklore and fairy tales and this is an image I can see inspiring variations on a theme and perhaps some new Baba Yaga stories..? (Hint, hint writers!) It's such a different twist I thought it worth a whole post to itself.

To me, she looks so much like a Russian Kelpie. I would not be surprised at all if I found a tale in which she HAD been turned into a horse - somehow (and gave everyone nightmares! Hahahahaha! Oh boy it's late as I'm writing this - can you tell? ;)

Anyway, Ms. Davydova, known as Lenika86 on deviantArt, writes:
Horse-version of famous Baba Yaga - Slavic folklore character. She's old witch, she lives in a forest, collects herbs and mushrooms and... many other ingredients to prepare magic elixirs. In some tales she's evil, in others she's good - but she's always strange and marginal.
Also in the comments:
Is that a cat skull on her horn? (forgive me, I am not well versed in skulls, but I'm very curious.)(Lenika86 replies): Yes. This is all that remains of her pet - a black cat)
Ms. Davydova has a lovely gallery with many equine versions of concepts and characters - from "colors" through to cosmic events. I'll leave you with these mini versions to entice you to go see them larger as well as more of her beautiful work.
Green (the color of nature) by Lenika86
Ragnarok (loose translation:
The Apocalypse!) by Lenika86


  1. Wow, I would love to see these developed as a feature film, show or graphic novel.