Sunday, July 14, 2013

Local News: Fairy Tale Ending For Reckless Cinderella Driver

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Yes - this is a real story and has so many Cinderella parallels it's almost a "stranger than fiction" case (and kind of hilarious).

Earlier in July, in Seattle WA, a Cinderella story unfolds as police sight a reckless driver in a speeding car...
"A real-life Cinderella story played out early this morning (July 2, 2013) in a north Seattle cemetery as officers searched for a reckless driver. 
At about 1:45 AM, a patrol officer spotted a blue Ford Explorer speeding down the center turn lane near 125th St and Aurora Avenue N and tried to pull the car over. Instead of stopping for the officer, the suspect turned into a motel parking lot, (Edit FTNH: Not a pumpkin?? Oh wait, they mean turned the corner and entered a parking lot... Heh.), struck a parked car and crashed into the wall of the motel, (Edit FTNH: Wow - when your magic runs out these days it can get really dramatic!), causing at least $2,500 in damage. 
The driver jumped out of the car, took off running, and hopped a fence into a cemetery. (Edit FTNH: I'm guessing from all the athleticism no ball dress was involved at this point.. The cemetery aspect is a nice touch - harks back to Grimm's version.) Patrol officers surrounded the cemetery and called in K9 police dog, Ziva, to help track the suspect. (Edit FTNH: From Slavic mythology meaning living, alive/ Hebrew form is brilliance, brightness)
While searching the cemetery, Ziva came across a stray shoe, and later found the suspect hiding in a patch of ivy. (Edit FTNH: Bright dog indeed!) He was missing a shoe just like the one Ziva had found earlier. (Edit: FTNH: And whaddayaknow? It fit!) 
Officers reunited the man with his lost shoe (Edit FTNH: Aw.) then booked him into the King County Jail for reckless driving, hit and run and other traffic crimes." (Edit FTNH: And they lived with a record, for ever and ever after, The End.)
No additions or liberties taken with this story. The only changes have been in punctuation and spelling correction for readability. (And I couldn't help but add a little commentary along the way... all clearly noted.)
Apparently, there's more than one way to have a fairy tale life. ;)

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