Thursday, July 11, 2013

Frozen's Sister Posters

A nice little marketing approach from Disney France here: two sisters, two castles, two posters, one looking up, one looking down, one peak, one valley, one warm, one icy, the white/blue vs blue/white, one day, one night, one snowing, one clear, opposite sisters looking at each other's homes... even their cloaks are flapping opposite ways.

It's a very nice juxtaposition which tells us something about the approach to the story as well.

I suddenly had a flash of: "What if this was an icy version of Snow White & Rose Red?!"
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All that's really missing is the enchanted prince. Or could he be taking the form of a giant monster snowman (instead of a bear) while the little snowman sidekick (Olaf) is really an undercover bad guy (snowman/snow-monster - clues there), taking the place of the dwarf in the story..? Yeah... probably not. Heh.

My oversized imagination does get away from me sometimes! (But if anyone wants to hop in and write that... please do! :)

One more little thing - look what happens if you (kinda) line them up (and jiggle them a bit) - they (almost) look like they are the same landscape...
... although, to make the most sense you would have to bend the landscape around in between. Or maybe they're actually standing in the same place looking in opposite directions. Either way, it sort of looks like they're neighbors.

It also seems that the opposites and balances are even clearer when lining up the posters this way. Will we also be seeing feelings vs logic? Reason vs heart? Looks like there's a very good possibility of that.

What a difference decent marketing makes. This is the most interested I've been in the "new Disney fairy tale" since the final designs were revealed. Neat!

How are you feeling about Frozen now? Do you see any more fairy tale elements to look to than before? (Speculation is fun, isn't it?)

Fairy tale bonus of the day: (sort of)
A little birdie tweeted me that Disney won't be done with fairy tales after Frozen, BUT I don't feel I can say any more for now. Any reference to the news was posted then removed at Disney's request within hours (late Wednesday) but I will say I think Ms. Tatar may have been on to something in her speculations back in June...

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  1. This sounds like an exciting new story from Disney, I hadn't heard about it. It will be interesting to see their take on The Snow Queen. I also love the tale of Snow White and Rose Red, that could make an interesting film as well. Thank you for stopping by my blog and your comments on my Jorinda and Joringel post, I have sent an e-mail with an answer to your question to your g-mail. I look forward to reading more of your blog. :)