Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Breaking News: Main Cast 'Almost!' Complete for "Into the Woods" Movie

Into the Woods Poster by laurean
From an apparent "world exclusive" on Broadway World, breaking news of the Into the Woods movie casting came in late last night.
The Baker & His Wife by Phillip Light
From Broadway World: 
A source close to the production has confirmed casting for the majority of the roles now that official casting for the highly anticipated big screen tuner is almost complete, with the big budget production set to start shooting in the UK in a few weeks.
I made a very quick-and-dirty (and giant!) graphic of all the well known characters with names and pics. (Do not ask how late I was up doing this thing!)

You should be able to click on the image to get a closer look (or right click "see original image" and that should show you full-size too).

You will see there have been a few changes (including last week's news of Jake Gyllenhaal having to bow out due to scheduling conflicts). No word yet on who Little Red will be and apparently Daniel Huttlestone has not yet signed properly on the dotted line yet to play "Jack" either, so he's still a maybe.

I've also seen no mention of the giant - either character or voice so I'm not sure what the approach will be on that aspect.

Note: the characters at the bottom, though recognizable are considered ensemble cast so it could run the extreme from cameos by well known actors to unknowns. Likely depends on the approach with the main cast (you don't want to unbalance the movie but at the same time a well placed cameo often adds shades were none were necessarily evident before). I guess we shall see...

All the lovely Into the Woods character-caricatures are by the very talented Philip Light (PhLightAttendant on deviantArt).

And now to the latest cast list.
(Click on image below to view full size) 
- EDIT JULY 24, 2013 -
Because people were having trouble viewing this full size, I have made it the original size here on the blog, even though it's kinda ugleeee! So please excuse the blog look for this post but hopefully the fact you can now see the graphic will make up for that. 
 A little. :) (You may still need to right click "view image in new tab" and then click the little magnifying glass to make it zoom to size, or you can also drag it onto your desktop to view but it should at least be the correct size when you do this time).

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