Monday, July 22, 2013

Art: Doré Engravings With Flowers Are Creeping Me Out!

Say WHAT with flowers??!

These greeting cards by Maria Mikhhalskaya's 8th of March, fairy tale greeting cards-with-a-twist*, are causing a twist in my gut... and I think that's the point. The 8th of March is International Women's Day and these special greetings make you think about it all rather differently, don't they?

Put in a malevolent context, flowers can be very creepy...

For instance, look at Bluebeard's eyes above, as he's giving his latest bride/victim a wooing gift. *shudder*

And the Ogre from Tom Thumb talking to his wife, looking very much like he's asking her to cook Tom and his brothers with these lovely herbs:

And, of course, how like a fairy tale wolf to twist the deception one step further when approaching his prey, bringing her flowers to confuse her - perhaps the very sorts of flowers Little Red had been gathering when he met her earlier...

Well done Ms. Mikhhalskaya! You've made me think about these tales in a different way, yet again. (And I will also look at any flowers I receive in the future a tad suspiciously...)

You can find Maria Mikhhalskaya's greeting cards and more on her gallery at Behance HERE.

* If the images look familiar, they should. They're based on/are made using Gustav Doré's engravings for Perrault's fairy tales.

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