Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hannibal the Huntsman

I found this today and just had to share. It's a fan art graphic retelling combining the grimmer rendition of Snow White with the new (and popular) TV series, Hannibal.

You may (or may not) be aware of the breakout NBC thriller Hannibal (which just ended it's first season - warning - graphic visuals if you scroll down the NBC site page!). It's based on the Hannibal character from Silence of the Lambs - a disturbed serial killer with cannibalistic tendencies (meaning this serial killer is more disturbing than average - *shudder*).

The TV series is the story of this scary guy before he's caught by the FBI, while he's still busy as a practicing therapist and while he's enjoying his role as gourmet cook, serving unsuspecting guests delicacies of other kinds (*double shudder*). It's an incredibly well done show - well written, well acted (everyone is amazing and scary-smart), artistically shot, extremely well layered and critically acclaimed for good reason.

It's also EXTREMELY gory and I'm actually surprised it's as widely followed as it is (most people I know don't have enough stomach to handle the visuals).

Perhaps it's due to the "artistry" in which everything is told and shot (I'm talking classical oil painting-like set-ups - amazing stuff) but I think it's also that sense of "other" woven in (an FBI consultant with a disorder sees visions, of sorts), which helps remove it from real life, giving it this sense of a (extremely) macabre fairy tale.
He took out his hunting knife and was about to stab it into her innocent heart when she began to cry, saying, “Oh, dear huntsman, let me live. I will run into the wild woods and never come back."Because she was so beautiful the huntsman took pity on her, and he said, “Run away, you poor child."He thought, “The wild animals will soon devour you anyway," but still it was as if a stone had fallen from his heart, for he would not have to kill her.
That said, it shouldn't be too surprising that the images have been used to retell a fairy tale - and boy does this send Snow White back to it's Grimm and cannibalistic roots! Wonderfully done and so very apt.

It should come as no surprise, though, that this retelling has no happy ending. Though the huntsman (in this version) does let her go at first she is very tempting prey... *wants to yell "RUN Abigail-Snow!" at the screen*

No doubt we could infer even more fairy tales from the series (eg the main protagonist is trying to shake a Sleeping Beauty-like stupor before it's too late) but I think I'll handle one macabre consideration at a time. (And now I need to go find some fluffy, sparkly unicorns dancing on rainbows to watch for a while...)

The artist/fan, known only as anenglishlane on Tumblr, who created this graphic "Hannibal au Snow White" series, describes herself as:
English undergraduate and (hopefully) a learned gentlewoman in the making.  Likes fairytales, court poetry, dark queens and power couples, gothic metaphors for Victorian sexuality, and alleged dark lords in cuddly jumpers.
We appreciate the way you think girl!

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