Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tam Lin - Wallpaper by Stephanie Pui Mun Law

© Stephanie Pui Mun Law
 I love* the story of Tam Lin (Child Ballad 39A - a.k.a. The Fairy Tale Ballad) so am always on the lookout for new art and media based on it.

First I have to show you this beautiful wallpaper. (Click on image above to see fullsize please or go to her website and see the images even larger with detail image options - recommended.) I've been following artist Stephanie Pui Mun Law since before she when to college and have been so pleased and proud to see her develop into a much sought after full-time fine artist today. You can see a lot more of her amazing work on her website HERE (lots of fairy tales!) and on deviantArt HERE. I didn't realize she had been working on a triptych of the story until recently so am over the moon to find it.

*I even have several projects gathering dust based on it at this typing! Whether I will have the opportunity to do with them what I want to is yet to be seen but they're never far from my mind.

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  1. Stephanie has been one of my favorite artists for years too!