Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) Tweeting Live On Sunday's Airing of "Once"

Fans on ABC's Once Upon A Time will be able to tweet questions to Jennifer Morrison, who plays lead character Emma Swan, and receive real time responses this Sunday night - on BOTH coasts.

Make sure you're following @jenmorrisonlive and are online at 8-9pm ET/PT - ie. whichever you are watching live. (Sorry Mountain Time folks but I don't have any details on what's best for you to do!)

Apparently Ms. Morrison will also offer commentary and behind-the-scenes anecdotes about working on the show, which should be fun if you've been following week to week.

From "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter" - Once Upon A Time (ABC)
The episode this week is "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter",  featuring Sheriff Graham and more of Snow White's backstory from Fairy Tale. There are already spoilers around the web as to the details and "reveals" so unless you're OK with knowing ahead of time I suggest staying away from any entertainment news sites until after the airing. :)

By Kenneth Whitley
Jennifer Morrison's Twitter feed is HERE while her pal, Not-So-Little Red Riding Hood (Meghan Ory), can be found HERE. And Ory is using this (see image at left) as her Twitter background. Nice, huh?

[From Vintagraph: Titled "Once Upon a Time," this poster by illustrator Kenneth Whitley shows Little Red Riding Hood and a wolf. The poster was produced by the WPA Federal Art Project and published circa 1939.]

The official "One Upon Upon A Time" Twitter feed is HERE, though it doesn't seem very active. The Facebook page has a little more content HERE.

What would you ask Ms. Morrison/Emma Swan if you could ask anything (and get a response!)?

I think I might ask her what's with all the key red pieces in her character's wardrobe (among other things)...

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