Thursday, December 29, 2011

Advertising: "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" for Sky

You may have seen the previous fairy tale ads for Sky broadband on the SurLaLune Blog (HERE) well now there's another to add to the collection, although technically it's a fable rather than a fairy tale.

In time for a Christmas Day premier to advertise their Winter special is "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".

This ad joins the Sky fairy tale TV spots of The Princess and the Pea, Aladdin, The Frog Prince, Little Red Riding Hood and The Emperor's New Clothes. (There is a King Arthur spot too.)

From the company:
 “The new advert is the latest addition to the popular Sky fairytale campaign and  The Boy Who Cried Wolf has provided a great setting for our Broadband Winter sale. We’re also pleased that the ad has helped answer the perennial question: can a wolf ride a bike?’
I believe this is the same company who used fairy tales in a set of print ads in 2008 for the "SKY Satellite TV (Only the safest program for your kids)" campaign. In these a guard uses a security wand over Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio and a princess to check for "unsafe programming". I've included the Pinocchio one below. (See HERE for the three ads.)

2011 Winter campaign ad Source: HERE


  1. I really like the boy who cried wolf
    I really think the boy acted really well and he's fit aswell LOL!!!!
    good job sky!

  2. Does anybody know what the background music is?

  3. who is the boy in the sky advert?