Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Red Riding Hood Cosplay: Are You Afraid?


With all the attention to cinematic loveliness focused on some of the more popular fairy tale characters this year and last I'm not surprised to see people getting even more creative with their cosplay (short for "costume play") and photography.

Even though the examples here are clearly inspired by Catherine Hardwicke's recent Red Riding Hood movie adaptation, that doesn't take away from the final images. I really like the titled photo as a mock-book cover.

The title "Are You Afraid?" makes it clear the idea was to show a wary Red Riding Hood. Perhaps the apples are to represent temptation?

The cosplayer is GarnetTilAlexandros and the photographer is Мокрушина Оксана✪[MAD.CREATIVE.CHARACTER] aka mokrushina.

You can see even more photos from the cosplay shoot HERE.

Source: HERE


  1. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures! So wintery - I love the one where her cloak's billowing in the wind.

  2. she's so beautiful! and the blood red matches her so well. Awesome!