Thursday, December 22, 2011

Disney's Snow Queen Out Of Development Deep Freeze & Now "Frozen"

She's baaaaack..

Great news and perfect for the first day of Winter (this is barely hours old as of this writing): it appears Disney Feature Animation is back on track to animate The Snow Queen, only this time under the new title of "Frozen".

Here's the old temp logo:

 .. but it looks like the new name (and probably the new logo) are going to get the Tangled  treatment, staying away from princesses and queens (though they'd do better with that if all their marketing and merchandise wasn't aimed at little girls!)

There's been a little confusion about whether or not it's a Pixar project and a dinosaur project but (see HERE for an explanation of how that can get confused with The Snow Queen) but all news appears solid for a new fairy tale adaptation coming our way from Disney:
Turns out that Frozen isn't a Pixar movie at all, but rather a new, possibly 2D-animated, film out of Walt Disney Animation. ...In reality, Frozen is an adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen, which the studio has been trying to get made for years now without any luck (the image at the top of this story is concept art from a few years ago). The 2D animation thing is up in the air, as the site's source recently responded to questioning about the format by saying, “Don’t put your name to that…not quite yet.” 
 It's going to be 3D (see HERE) and I'm most curious about an adaptation they feel they can finally run with...  There's so much potential with this story I'm frankly confused as to why they've had so much trouble to date. But hopefully that's all in the past now and we can be excited again - for real this time! (Yes, I'm choosing to be optimistic about this!)

Though there's no "Frozen" artwork anywhere yet I thought I'd give you something new and pretty and Snow Queen related to look at anyway.
Note: this is NOT from Disney Development but from this talented artist HERE.

Yay for fairy tale ratings and excitement over next years fairy tale films the last few months. I have no doubt that has more than a little to do with this development - and I'm very, very happy about it. ;)


  1. This is truly fabulous! I just finished reading this tale and am in love with it. You're absolutely right, the tale has so much potential. I'm also excited Disney will go the 2D route! I miss the beautiful illustrations of yesteryear from DIsney!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. @rosesarered Yay! Glad someone is excited like me - except it's going to be THREE-D unfortunately (see note and link under the quote in italics). I, too, miss 2D but I'll take any-D over no-D! (lol)

  3. John Lasseter failed. This is not going to be 2d animation. It's going to be the usual, action-packed cgi, identical to the stuff we've seen before again and again. So much for hoping for 2d. John Lasseter failed.

  4. @ken I'm curious to see how this develops because of everything ELSE happening with fairy tales at the moment. I'm sad about the CG thing too (bring back 2D please!!) but I'm hoping the current fairy tale focus in popular culture and in the average person's perception/discovery of all things "fairy tale" will influence this film to be more than the usual. (If it weren't for the current climate I would be very inclined to agree with you but I'm choosing to be optimistic and hope for the best!) Pixar's Brave doesn't seem to be shaping up that way (thank goodness) and Dreamworks successes have been outside the action-cookie-cutter-cgi formula (money talks and Disney's watching that conversation!) so I have two good reasons to hope Disney Features will dig a little deeper and we'll get a break out (and overdue) classic story this time. :)

  5. Was just looking for Disney Frozen artwork and just stumbled upon my own drawing. Thanks for posting it.

    Here´s my portfolio by the way, where you can find that piece among others.