Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kevin Tong's "Once Upon A Time" Posters Update

There's been so much fairy tale news and seasonal things going on I haven't kept up with the poster releases for ABC's Once Upon A Time. Here's a quick update of the set of six being created by Kevin Tong:
Released December 8


Little Red Cap
Released December 15

Sleeping Beauty
Released December 22 (today)

Still to come:

 - Snow White
   Being released December 29

 - Rumpelstiltskin
   Being released January 5

 - Cinderella
   Being Released January 12

I really like the included details - and check the Sleeping Beauty and Prince profiles on the most recent poster - nice. (Of course once I saw them that's all I could see!) Both the gold and silver versions of these posters must be stunning in person.

If you want to get a limited edition print you can keep an eye on their release HERE and order from HERE.

The current bonus download story from ABC is Snow White. You can find the PDF link HERE (scroll down).