Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bluebeard Illustration Roundup

Bluebeard by littlecrow (Ashley Vercekaites)
Bluebeard has been on my mind since the last Grimm episode on NBC so I thought I'd share what I found around the web (many of them led back to deviantArt accounts).

I always enjoy seeing different artist interpretations of a fairy tale. Every now and then you'll see something that makes you think about the tale in a slightly different way - and that's fantastic.  Many of these do that. Others I included just because the look is so different.

Please do click on the image above at the head of the post and see it full size. It's simply beautiful and I couldn't make it big enough here to do it justice.

Links to the artist's site, or where I found them, are below each image.

Bluebeard's Gallery by hogret
Bluebeard by biffno

Bluebeard by BleedingArt21

Bluebeard Colors by charkxl
Bluebeard by Benjamin Lacombe*

Bluebeard by Thierry Dedieu

Le Barbe Bleu by ZhdaNN

Barbe-bleue by ThornBulle

Bluebeard by Yulia Valeeva

Bluebeard conceptual cover by Franco Spagnolo

Bluebeard's Last Wife by hogret
 *Benjamin Lacombe is one of my favorite artists ever and I have two special posts in the making, waiting for the day I will finish them and post them!

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  1. Fantastic post! All the artwork is amazing! Thanks for sharing!