Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Only Make Believe" Pageant of the Masters 2011 Fashion Shoot


A few days ago I posted about 2011's Pageant of the Masters: Only Make Believe art/performance and thought you'd like to see this related photoshoot.

The life sized paintings are fantastic backdrops for the creatively minded and, in this case, perfect for a fashion shoot.

I like that the model was required to pose in such a way as to become part of the picture rather than just in front of the work, which would have cheapened the idea. While the fashion and photos are beautifully done, somehow they feel a little... conservative, as if there's a more creative way they could have used these gorgeous 'settings'.
Check out the knight in the photo. Her name is Katie Moore and I'm guessing she was one of the official performers.
 I'm surprised this sort of shoot, incorporating the Pageant of the Masters paintings and sculptures, hasn't appeared in a print magazine yet. Maybe, until 2011 the themes were too traditional to play around with. Or maybe it's just that no one had had the idea until this year.

I'd love to see all the beautiful artistry and hard work by volunteers have more 'lasting tributes' (for example, by being professionally shot for magazines or books and available for purchase).

The Only Make Believe theme would have been a wonderful setting for some scenes in a film too. Consider all the backstage areas, the hubbub in the make-up and costume rooms, the construction and incorporation of the two dimensional and the human/three dimensional aspects as well as the "performing artwork" in front of crowds at night. How much fun would that be to write into a film? [Is anyone in Hollywood listening? ;) ]

Photographer: David Jakle
Fashion Director: Julie French
Model: Laurel Stovall; LA Models
Hair and Makeup: Jeffrey Paul; Exclusive Artist
Hair and Makeup assistant; Nong Tumsutipong
Photo assistant: John Teichert
Fashion assistant: Crystal Janke
Knight in St. George and the Dragon: Katie Moore

You can see a few more photos - and all the fashion information - HERE. There's more information about the Pageant itself HERE, which is part of the annual Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts, and the official website for the event is HERE.

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