Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Fire Wolves and Happy Snow Golems...

... and a continuing happy holidays to all!

Since seeing the Adventure Time Thanksgiving special (title: "Thank You") with the snow golem and firewolf puppy, my son has insisted we watch it almost every day since - and I'm still not sick of it. (Neither is my son - obviously.) Now every story told here has to have a fire-wolf puppy in it. "Jack and his Fire-wolf Climb the Beanstalk (& Set A Giant's Castle On Fire)" is kind of a cute story.


Fire wolves work with everything. :)

And that includes Christmas (and whatever holiday/s you are celebrating this season), which is why I couldn't resist posting the oh-so-cute drawing at the head of the post when I found it. (Thank you Mari! It's gorgeous.)

May joy find you when you least expect it this season...
 as well as when you do...
and may you have those you love close by...
to warm your heart...
until you're a happy, happy puddle. 


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