Saturday, December 24, 2011

Article/Advertising: Gifts For Fairy Tale Characters

Inspired by the recent public fascination with fairy tales a couple of clever writers at the Los Angeles Times put together an article (which is really a cleverly disguised set of advertisements) on fairy tale gifts, with a difference. Instead of fairy tale themed things for people who like fairy tales (though those are awesome too!), these gifts are all about what you might consider giving the characters of well known tales for a present.

Hansel and GretelTwo adorable young children get lost in the woods and outsmart an evil witch in a candy cottage. For a sweet tooth: Vosges Haut Chocolat Ensemble du Chocolat, $135 at Vosges Haut Chocolat boutique, Beverly Hills.
Survival tool: Victorinox Tomo in apple green, $24 at Victorinox Swiss Army boutique, Beverly Center.
Cottage warmth: Semiologie quilt by APC, $548 at Anthropologie stores.
Angelic dressing: Lanvin ivory taffeta coat with grosgrain bow, $1,050 at Lanvin, Beverly Hills.

Although these gifts are obviously high-end and really just a cleverly disguised set of advertisements for Hollywood-end types, I really like the idea because it requires considering the tales themselves and the situations and challenges being faced. My favorite suggestions are the truly practical things like foot-rub lotions for a Dancing Princess' sore feet, or a Swiss Army Knife for Hansel.

Red Riding HoodTaking a basket of goodies to Grandma's house, the girl in the red cape (briefly) becomes lunch for the trickster wolf. Pack it up: A Bottega Veneta Plaster Cioccolato Nero Canvas Basket print Vachette tote, $1,550 at Bottega Veneta, Beverly Hills.
Off you go: Ralph Lauren Blue Label cabled hat and scarf, $200 at
A pop of red: YBF Royalty Collectable Pewter lipstick in Royal Red, $28.80 at

You can see the whole fairy tale gift guide HERE. There are also photos of the suggestions items HERE.

I would really like to see a list of potential gifts that is more in the price range of regular folks. I think that would be a fantastic read and maybe spark some ideas on how we could be of more practical help to people who are undergoing similar challenges to fairy tale heros and heroines.

In the meantime, consider your favorite fairy tale people in the middle of their tales. What would you gift them with? [And let's say you get extra points if you can enhance their tale life without making spoilers. ;) ] How about a a beautiful cook book for Snow White or a decorative boot scraper or a discreet peep-hole for the front door? What about a diary for Rapunzel instead of just hair products, or equipment to facilitate time lapse photography?

Your turn. :)


  1. Wouldn't the Little Mermaid look divine in a ballgown below the waves? Fabric always has such ethereal quality underwater. Then, there is my favorite heroine; that of The Fitcher's Bird. But what would she have? How about a Time-Turner to use when she discovers, well, what she does...I don't want to spoil anything if your other readers haven't read this one. Or are objects only in the world of fairy tale not available to gift?

  2. @Renee of the Fae Ooh yes! ( re ball gown beneath the waves) Did you ever see that (very) old post on underwater photography by Zena Holloway? It'd be awesome to see her shoot a Little Mermaid set of photos underwater - ball gown included.

    By spoilers I meant not letting the hero/heroine of the tale know their "future" but yeah, a time turner would make for a very interesting twist in the Fitcher's Bird story. Some one should write that (hint, hint). ;)

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