Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Little Match Girl" in 3D from Vietnam

A new animation company in Vietnam, True-D, has just released a trailer for their first short film, "The Little Match Girl" and it's getting good reviews.

Why, you may ask, is a Vietnamese studio doing a western fairy tale when their own culture is so rich with stories? My guess is to appeal to the western world (ie. market).

Take a look (I've posted the trailer with subtitles and voiceover):

From the article:
True-D Animation’s representative said that “The Little Match Girl” is the first project in which the group’s members practiced their skills. The group now works on the second 3D animation project, based on a Vietnamese story. The company aims to make long 3D cartoons in the future.

True-D Animation is seeking the distributor of its first product this Christmas. If the cartoon cannot go to cinemas, the producer will post it on Youtube as the New Year gift.
 The studio currently has only a 10 or so person crew, so this achievement is additionally impressive. I wish them the best for finding representation.

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