Thursday, July 9, 2015

"The Wild Girl" (US Edition) Is Out! (And Coming to OUABlog!)

She's here, she's here!

I'm supposed to wait till it's Once Upon A Blog's turn on Kate Forsyth's virtual book tour through the US, to talk at length about this book, or to post our waiting-in-the-wings OUABlog team review (care of Christie Pang) but it felt weird not announcing on Tuesday that it's out NOW, because if you're remotely interested, you will not be disappointed and will wished you didn't wait to get your own copy.

I will admit to hunting down a UK edition (with silhouette artwork) over a year ago when I first heard about the book, knowing I'd at least like it (besides: silhouettes = pretty!). I was not prepared for how MUCH I would like it! The whole "tale behind the tales" (who told them to whom, how the tales were edited and changed [and possibly why], their layers and shades of meaning, how they fit into the cultural landscape of the Napoleonic war at the time etc) is a interesting source of speculation for any fairy tale enthusiast but you may not have considered it in quite the same, fascinating and immediate (and 'human') way as how Kate has told the story. The story of Dortchen Wild (who eventually became Dortchen Grimm - yes, wife of one of THE Brothers Grimm) is a story that makes you wonder why this tale isn't as well known as the fairy tales themselves.

Having read so many fairy tale novels I'm very picky with those I put in my "keep at arm's reach" fairy tale novel bookshelf but this one definitely qualifies, and I've already read  - and referred to - it multiple times.

There's more to come and Once Upon A Blog will have a special INTERVIEW with Kate Forsyth herself (with bonus special 'behind-the-scenes peek!) on this coming Monday - July 13th. (And you'll begin to have an idea of why I love this book so much.)

And there will also be a GIVEAWAY!

Stay tuned...

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  1. So exited I want to get it can u plz look at my blog plz :)