Saturday, July 18, 2015

Disney Live Action List Adds Aladdin Prequel "Genies"

This news is not at all surprising but I am wondering exactly how long they're going to push this retread trend.

From ComingSoon:
The project, currently titled Genies, is designed to serve as an origin story of sorts for the djinn famously voiced by the late Robin Williams in Disney’s 1992 feature film version of the classic Arabian tale.
According to the outlet, the film will explore the “realm of the Genies” and explain how one became trapped inside the iconic lamp. The long term hope, then, is for Genies to develop as a franchise and pave the way for a live-action retelling of Aladdin itself.

From The Hollywood Reporter:
The studio is developing Genies, a live-action comedy adventure that is being written by Damian Shannon andMark SwiftTripp Vinson is on board to produce via his Vinson Films banner. 
Aladdin is a centuries-old Arabic folk tale that got the animated Disney treatment in 1992 in a film featuring Robin Williams as the voice of the blue-skinned Genie. 
The movie tells the story of Aladdin, a street urchin who finds a lamp that unleashes a Genie who grants him three wishes. A love interest and a sorcerer also figure into the proceedings. 
The new project would focus on the realm of the Genies and reveal how Aladdin's Genie ended up enslaved in the lamp.
So, did you get that? "Genies" is a prequel live action comedy film prequel, which, if is successful will pave the way for a live-action remake of the original 1992 animated film Aladdin. (So, they're sort of hinting at, at least two Aladdin related projects here!)

Wow. Talk about stretching the franchise.  If there's one property that might stretch enough to work with this plan, though, it's probably this one, IF they get the cultural emphasis and portrayal correct (that's a big "if"), no matter whether they go with (old world) Arabian, Arabic or Chinese characters, or a combination.

For a little behind the scenes history of Aladdin, have a read of Tales of Faerie's post from a a couple of years ago HERE.

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