Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It's Almost Fairy Tale Ring Time Down Under! (Tale of the Month: Rapunzel)

Each month the AFTS (Australian Fairy Tale Society) gathers together fairy tale aficionados in each state* to discuss a particular fairy tale and it's impact on society, with special emphasis on its use, effect, and how it's perceived (past and present) in Australia. Headed by the amazing Jo Henwood, the rings bring together people from all backgrounds and disciplines and cover everything from art to academic studies, history to advertising, books to music and much, much more... (all while having yummy munchies, delicious teas and coffees and sharing laughs and awesome conversations with like-minded people!)

A lovely Rapunzel by Aussie artist Deann Cumner
A recommended reading list is put together (and wrangled) by Jo each month and with Rapunzel being the theme for July, you wouldn't immediately think Australians would have much to say...

Well it appears there is no lack of things to discuss when is comes to Rapunzel! 

The list has continued to grow daily with suggestions from all quarters (of the world!) and Jo is busy spinning it all together it all into a handy reference for research, inspiration and discussion gold. 

Although the emphasis is on Australian involvement and impact, it's a fascinating list for anyone interested in fairy tales and especially in Rapunzel. We should be posting it in the next day or so over on the AFTS website as well as the Facebook page so if you're interested… stay tuned!

Australian illustrator & artist Shaun Tan's
sculpture of Rapunzel
For those interested in attending a ring, please contact Jo Henwood for details of time and place in your area: jo7hanna AT tpg DOT com DOT au


We know there are both Aussie fairy tale folk and AFTS members abroad, (I'm one of them) as well as other fairy tale interested folks who would be interested in participating in our discussion no matter where they call home, so we're just beginning to discuss ideas on how to make the rings accessible to far flung Oz folk (like our people in the far West of Australia in Perth), the more rural areas around Down Under and also for members and other interested people overseas. We hope to be trying out some different ways on bringing far-flung fairy tale folk together in the months to come!

Fairy Tale Bonus of the Day:
Art book of Rapunzel created by Australian artist Jac Balmer for the BookArtObject exchange project a few years back. (Also see her Twelve Dancing Princesses book at the link on her name!)
"'Rapunzel' is a digitally printed concertina book from original artwork by Jac... It comes wrapped in a lovely simply wrap around cover. Which you open to see the front cover of the book - enticing tracery of thorns and brambles? The book opens with visually stunning artwork of Rapunzel, the forest, the castle window, so many things to discover in here... It is a small but sumptuous book, filled with imagery and meaning that requires time to be spent with it, to wander back and forth through the images, discovering nuggets anew each time."
(from Paperwork Ponderings, recipient of this lovely work! Check the link for more photos of the book.)

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