Monday, July 6, 2015

Forest Rogers Wins Gold Spectrum Award!

Venetian Harpy  by Forest Rogers

The 22nd Spectrum Awards (for science fiction and fantasy art in all mediums) were recently held and one of my favorite fairy tale illustrators and sculptors, Forest Rogers, won a gold award in the Dimensional category, for her stunning and amazing Venetian Harpy (see above).

Congratulations Forest!!

Note: I should also mention that Scott Gustafson, who has illustrated many a fairy tale picture book, received the Grand Master Award!

Though Forest Rogers doesn't exclusively work on fairy tale subjects she has made, and continues to create, many memorable fairy tale-based pieces, and from little bits I pick up around social media, she's looking at continuing/completing the Vasilissa illustrations she began many years ago (before she got into sculpting) and, off and on, has been researching The Crane Wife, as she'd apparently like to create a sculpture based on the Japanese fairy tale as well. (!!)

Below are some of her other fairy tale works to date, and perhaps you can see why I love her work so.
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga's Hut
Vasilissa with her mother's doll
Baba Yaga (still being dressed) & Vasilissa
Baba Yaga, Vasilissa and the Chicken-Legged Hut together
Snow Maiden as she melts
Yuki Ona - snow spirit
East of the Sun (inspired by Kay Neilsen's illustration)
East of the Sun (2nd sculpt)
Swan child in progress
Hans Andersen's Little Mermaid
Silvershod (aka Silver Hoof) & his friend Cat (Russian tale)
Red Riding Hood in progress
Red Riding Hood & Wolf
(Something about this evokes Perrault and Dore and other early illustrated versions of LRRH to me.)
Vasiliss'a Mother gives her a doll before she passes away
Vaslissa enters Baba Yaga's forest
Baba Yaga tasks Vasilissa with impossible tasks
Vaslissa talks to her doll (and the doll talks back)
Baba Yaga in a rage
One of the horsemen Vasilissa sees on her journey
 You can see much more of Forest Roger's work on her website HERE and follow her on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE. She also has a great set of boards on Pinterest HERE.


  1. Enchanting-thanks for sharing!

  2. Amazing! and Timeless Tales is looking great. Looks like fairy tales are in great hands over here.

  3. Jennifer D. BushroeJuly 6, 2015 at 7:13 PM

    Oh man, those are fabulous!! I love the idea of a harpy with a bird mask... And Baba Yaga is so perfectly, well, Baba Yaga-ish! The wild hair, the bone necklace... The drawings are really well done too--very spooky! I look forward to following her artwork in the future.