Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Disney's Prince Charming Movie Update

A quick update on the "Disney Prince gets a live action movie of his own", story from yesterday.

Variety has since reported that (emphasis in bold is mine):
Sources tell Variety that the studio has acquired the spec “Prince Charming,” a live-action comedy revolving around the iconic character with Mandeville Films and Tripp Vinson producing. 

Matt Fogel penned the script and while plot details are vague, sources say the point of view isn’t that of the prince himself but of his brother who never lived up to the family name. Alex Young is exec producing.

Yep. I can see how that would be a lot easier to write.

I confess a disappointment. I wanted to see how they would make an interesting film about 'the perfect guy' (because no one is, even though you may have a lot of layer peeling to do before you figure out why).


I was hoping some stellar and unique writing would put the concept on track and perhaps delve into some lesser known, more multicultural prince tales from other lands. (I always try and hope for the best.)

Now it looks like it's just going to be Cinderella with pants.

And probably a trusty horse.


Please let me be wrong.

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