Sunday, July 12, 2015

Comic Con Reveal: Merida Is Coming to OUAT (& a link to a Dark Swan preview)

So at Comic Con* this year are a number of fairy tale-pertinent events, including anything to do with Grimm, whatever Disney and Pixar are doing with tales, lots of smaller indie events (no Fables this year unfortunately, now the series is wrapped, and no news of a Fables movie update from Warner Bros... yet!) and, of course, Once Upon A Time.

The OUAT creators released a promo video Saturday, which unfortunately doesn't tell us much other than who it is (and that her costume is exactly the same as in the movie). I don't see any story set-up in there yet, but for most people, just knowing Merida is set to appear in the world of Once Upon A Time, is news enough.
Yep, Once Upon a Time meets Brave's Princess Merida next season. Now that we've seen her, we can't wait to hear that Scottish accent! And yes, the actress is Scottish. That's Amy Manson, who you may recognize from TorchwoodBeing Human and Atlantis. (source)
Take a look:
I think it's been expected for a while and there's a lot of potential for some interesting story lines (transformed bear people and wisps please! Let's get some more classic fairy tale tropes back in there please..).

I have to say I'm disappointed this Merida isn't more robust, although I'm ridiculously glad she's Scottish! We have yet to see her in real action so I'm hoping for the best. I do like that she doesn't appear to be in that OUAT age range of mid-thirties, for something different. (It's like there's a time warp there! Mid-thirties is a great age, but not when EVERYBODY is the same age, barring Granny, Rumple and Grumpy!)

Anyway, lots of speculation from here on out and wish lists getting scribbled in a frenzy by fans as I type...

More updates from Comic Con as they appear (and as I have access to get them to you)...

Oh yes: and if you're curious about Dark Swan Emma, you can see a preview scene HERE.

* In case you're not aware, the annual San Diego Comic Con is currently happening and has grown from indie comic artists and toys to be one of the largest pop culture, comic convention and entertainment events in the US. It's that time of year where any (genre) TV series sends their fan favorite actors and crew to chat on panels, tease spoilers of the coming season and release exclusive clips, interviews, behind-the-scenes and (of course) merchandise. If you love movies, fantasy, sci-fi, comics, pop-culture, illustration, animation and art, this is the place to be - and to geek out and cosplay to your heart's content. (It's also incredibly crowded and hot but for many people it's worth it and a fantastic and fun experience.) 

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