Thursday, July 9, 2015

"The Sad Little Princess" To Benefit Veterans

The Princess Who Never Smiled by Viktor Vasnetsov
Here's an unusual tale with some unusual affiliations: a lesser-known Russian fairy tale (usually titled The Princess Who Never Smiled) has been made into a special-release paper doll book (by an award winning doll designer) and after the hundredth copy has been sold, all the rest of the profits will go toward Hope for Veterans.

I'm not sure why this tale specifically, unless it's to do with bringing happiness back into people's lives, (which is definitely veteran related) or why paper dolls might be related to veterans (although it does say the designer supports this cause personally), but either way, it's wonderful to see.

And great to see a different fairy tale getting circulated too. The English version of this tale, The Golden Goose, (in which the townsfolk end up being stuck to each other in a long chain and dragged about town) used to be well and widely known but sadly doesn't seem to be anymore.

Here's an excerpt from the press release:

Stacia McDonough, award-winning doll designer and CEO of Neva Dolls, has released her second book, “The Sad Little Princess.” It’s a collaboration between the Bedminster-based doll artist, and the late Tom Tierney, a prolific and talented paper doll artist.
The story is based on an old Russian fairy tale about Feodora, a beautiful, yet melancholy tsarina (a Russian princess), and the quest of her beloved father, the benevolent Tsar, who has offered half of his impressive kingdom to the suitor who can make his precious daughter happy.
McDonough’s verse aims to transport the reader into this whimsical land of make believe, in a tale told with an authentic Russian flair.
...“I am thrilled that this special edition book is being released to the public,” McDonough said. “It was an absolute joy working with the late, great Tom Tierney. He was the quintessential professional, and the absolute finest paper doll artist this world will ever see. Tierney’s dazzling renderings of my original Russian costumes are stunning. The vivid, eye-popping colors paired with my exotic Russian costumes are simply a luxurious treat for the eye to behold. Prepare to be enchanted!”
McDonough is known for her luxurious Neva Dolls. Each doll, “Handcrafted in Russia with Love,” pay homage to all Russian women throughout the centuries, from the farmer bride in the rural village, to the courtly tsarinas. Committed to preserving old-world style through fine detail and sophisticated style, these museum-quality porcelain dolls capture Russia’s history and grandeur with costumes created from genuine furs, exceptional fabrics, and the finest Russian porcelain. The opulent beauties are inspired by Russia’s history, its folklore and fairy tales, and its literature and ballets.
The Golden Goose illustration by Lancelot Speed from The Red Fairy Book by Andrew Lang
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