Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Christophe Gans' "Beauty & the Beast" (English dub) Available For Download via iTunes!!

Finally! A way has been made available for the many (many!) English-speaking people to see Gans' La Belle et La Bete in English (and in a region they can view it)!

(Just a few extra exclamation points for those of you who have been going out of their minds not being able to see this after all the amazing promotion.)

A very big thank you to 'Anonymous' who sent a link yesterday!

I was eventually able to view an English dubbed Blu-ray a little while back (now available in Australia since the end of June 2015, Canada since it was first released in its country of origin, and a limited release in January 2015 in Thailand) and this appears to be exactly that.

Though I personally would have much preferred the option of French language with English subtitles, (the particular combination of which I still can't find available) it seems the English dub is done by the lead actors themselves at least, if not the whole cast, and done very well. (Not the same, but it's a good compromise.)

I watched it with my husband and young son, and it's clearly meant to be family friendly (perhaps more French family than American, but I liked that too). Any violence (eg Beast eating) is implied and skillfully kept off-screen.

The magic (and the 'pretty') is turned up to eleven and the overall impression was very good to excellent. Both husband and son gave it a thumbs up and would happily watch it again. I have my criticisms but this isn't a review and that review would tell you, even with the criticisms, that it's definitely worth watching.
If you love Beauty and the Beast, or just fairy tales in general, you'll be very glad you watched. (And I suggest doing it before the live action Disney version comes out so it stands on it's own a little more as well.)

It's stunning, beautiful, magical. It's not perfect but I will tell you there are many things to love. The story behind how the Beast became a beast is possibly even more fairy tale than the main story and an amazing addition.

Here's the English trailer (with an example of the English dubs):
Go, pay, download, enjoy!

And, once the dust has settled here a little I will TRY to remember to do a real review.


  1. We found a copy at our local library here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that was French with English subtitles! Score! My kids both loved it, and the scene where (SPOILERS) the Beast's changling queen dies sent my daughter to reckless sobbing - first time a movie made her cry! None of us are fluent in French, but we all still loved it - and watched it repeatedly while we had it!

  2. Thank you! Been waiting on this one for awhile.

  3. I gave up waiting for a subtitled version and watched it in French, luckily my knowledge of French and the story meant I was able to understand what was going on. I love the film, it is so magical and so beautiful. :-)

  4. Was it only released with English dub on the Blu-ray Edition?

  5. unfortunately, we do not have this available in the US. Which is completely stupid! i really wanted to download it and watch it online :(

    1. If anyone knows of a way to see this dubbed in English, in the U.S. please let me know. I am legally blind and can't read subtitles. Would LOVE to see this dubbed. Thank you.

    2. It is on Google Play now with Eng Dub availble

  6. youtube $3.99 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP8IVwTm1MU or search youtube "beauty and the beast 2014 full movie english"

  7. Spectacular, breathtakingly beautiful.