Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Disney's "Sword in the Stone" Live-Action Remake (ok!) with Game of Thrones Writer (um..)

I bet you never thought you'd read me saying "Yay!" about yet another Disney live-action reboot of one of the animated classics. Well this film (which is adorable and great for using with kids education - about many things!), would have been one of my top five picks to remake for live action (if you HAD to choose existing properties for live action, that is) and I would vote for an early Harry Potter style movie that kids of all ages can access. So, while "yay!" is a bit of a strong term for my reaction, I will admit to being OK with this one.

Tyson Murphy repaints Disney animation scenes: Sword in the Stone
While the news that a Game Of Thrones writer, Bryan Cogman, will be 'helming' this development has given me pause, I have no doubt it will be on the (MUCH!) lighter side than anything GoT has ever handled, but hopefully it will have some of the smartness of the production value sensibilities attached. While the on-screen handling of certain subjects has gotten a little 'iffy' on the GoT series, the production values in the costumes, photography, props and locations/set decoration has remained on par with the best, and fits almost exactly in the same 'histori-faux' era that GoT does. 

Can I just ask one thing? Can we please put in GIGANTIC LETTERS somewhere: NO JOFFREYS ALLOWED!

Cogman posts tweetpic of himself doing 'research'. Heh.
Here's the report from Variety:
Continuing their strategy of reimagining animated classics into live-action movies, Disney is developing a “Sword in the Stone” movie with “Game of Thrones” writer Bryan Cogman penning the script, Variety has confirmed. 
Brigham Taylor will produce the film. 
The original toon was based loosely on T.H. White’s novel of the same name, which ultimately became part of the author’s multi-book King Arthur fantasy, “The Once and Future King.”

What else is great about this? T.H. White's books will all get re-printed! More artwork! More wizards and magic students! (Especially great for all the Harry Potter fans dying from waiting for the Magical Creatures films to become real.)

And, best of all, maybe it will pave the way for The Black Cauldron to be made because C'MON DISNEY!

Redo the not-so-great film and make it as awesome-as-it-should-have-been and get kids reading Lloyd Alexander's Prydian Chronicles* as feverishly as we did as kids, plus "hello Princess Eilonwy merchandise payload!"

Just sayin'.

So yes. I like this news.


*Note for OUABlog folks: fairy tale content win!!

Funny fairy tale bonus of the day:
(OK I'm using the term "fairy tale" fairly loosely here)
Perfect for today's news.
Tee hee!


  1. I feel quite "meh" about all these Disney remakes, but I agree it would be nice to see the Lloyd Alexander books properly adapted to film. I remember being pretty disappointed in the Black Cauldron.

    1. To do it properly, they'd have to adapt The Book of Three first.

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