Saturday, April 25, 2015

Todrick Hall's Fairy Tale R&B Mash-up is All That and More (aka 90's Disney Nostalgia)

Here's a video that went viral this week - reminding everyone of the fairy tale "golden age" of Disney of the 90's - but with an R&B feel and hooks from other pop songs thrown in there to mix it up a little. The costumes are cute tribute updates too. Clearly Todrick Hall had a lot of fun with this.

This is much better done than I expected and the Aladdin tribute it finishes with is fantastic. Just try and keep your feet still. (And boy can Shoshana Bean sing!) Take a look:
Todrick Hall has become (very) famous for his edgy takes on Disney songs, tales and characters - most of them being fairy tales. His 'revisionist' takes (there's that word again!) are incredibly popular and create a lot of conversation about fairy tales and how they're told today. (So much so, I think it's about time I gave him his own tag!) His Cell Block Tango mixing Chicago's amazing murderesses sequence with Disney villains was inspired. I'll link you in case you missed it. HERE.

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