Saturday, April 18, 2015

Moleskine Releases Limited Edition Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Designs

I'm sort of surprised we haven't seen so much more on the Alice In Wonderland front this year. It's the 150th anniversary of the first publication of the story. (The first time it was told was a couple of years before on that boat on the river...). I know the UK are doing quite a variety of special editions, including stamps and dishware etc but I haven't seen much in the US so far.

But Moleskine - beloved note-n-sketchbook by artists everywhere, and many writers too - are getting in on the act. Having coveted been intrigued by many of their previous special designs, I was expecting something a little more... unique, for the "Alice In Paperland" Limited Edition Series, though I have no doubt they'll be stunning in person. The inside and back flap (unique playing cards!) make up for any lack, even if they're the same in every design.

Here's a little papercut promo complete with actual white rabbit to take you through the... books, and lead you into a creative challenge of your own (details below the video):
Dutch papercut artist Rogier Wieland and his team used a whole host of video-making techniques to create the optical illusions, surreal scenes and trompe l'oeil effects you can see in the 60-second clip. 2D and stop-motion animation combined with papercut art as well as an actual live rabbit make for compelling viewing that will leave you feeling amazed.  
The video is an invite to you, dear Moleskine fan, to imagine where your own notebook might take you. What curiosities would one find inside your notebook, what treasures lie between its pages and along its spine? Be inspired to embark on a creative journey like no other with the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Limited Edition Collection. Created in partnership with the British Library, all notebooks feature quotes from Lewis Carroll's literary masterpiece and reproductions of original John Tenniel illustrations on the covers, a page of Carroll's original handwritten manuscriptre produced on the flyleaves, illustrated paperband b-sides as well as Playing Cards stickers in the back pocket. A limited run of 5,000 numbered copies of a fifth design with clothbound cover is exclusively available on official Moleskine ecommerce sites and stores worldwide. 
Creativity Challenge - my Wonderland 
Have you been on an extraordinary journey that you'll treasure forever? We're inviting you to join our new Creativity Challenge. Draw, photograph, sketch or paint your own Wonderland for the chance to get a supply of Moleskine goodies and an exclusive copy of the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Limited Edition notebook delivered right to your door. Tag your images  #M_myWonderland. Tumble down the rabbit hole and discover a world of creativity.
It appears only two are currently available with two more to come. I'm very tempted by at least one of these, ok two... perhaps three..!

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