Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter, Ēostre, Passover & Spring Sunday!

Happy Easter!
(Or whatever you call this feast day of flowers, egg-hunts, spring goodness and Monster Chicken visits!)

In honor of the day and also to encourage the sentiment of hope and the importance of keeping our tales, fables and folklore alive, I thought I'd post some gorgeous artwork from Rise of the Guardians  - specifically Bunnymund, who's the guardian of HOPE, and spreads that sentiment with extra enthusiasm (and colorful eggs) during Spring on Easter morning.
It doesn't hurt for me personally, that in the movie, Bunnymund is specifically Australian, which, we're told is where the original Spring came from.  (Wow, now that's a story and it works very well with the idea of Australia being nicknamed Down Under, as well as the Persephone myth and our sunburnt land's propensity to blossom instantly, and colorfully, back to life at the first hint of rain...) He also has his Warren Headquarters underneath the continent and tunnels that lead to everywhere in the world, so he can race around the globe in seconds.

I know many people have had an exceptionally difficult year-past and the Winter/Christmas season was really rough. You're feeling tired, overwhelmed and unmotivated and that's completely normal. The great thing about Spring is that nature is eager to help you get through that and tries to show you with each new flower, leaf and egg-hunt giggles that there are still good times to be had.

Let some magic make you smile this weekend and remember your child inside:
So this Spring, hold Hope fast in your hearts and watch it spread wherever you go. Tell your stories, encourage other to tell theirs and renew your wonder of the world. It's an amazing place if you remember how to see it.

Blessings to all my fairy tale friends this Easter Day!
Bunnymnd: "That's a lotta hair fer an anklebiter!"
Merida: "Aye. An' you're a lotta hare..."
Bunnymund: "Fair enough. Least you didn't call me a kangaroo. How'dya like yur eggs?"


  1. Have you ever read any of the Guardians children's books by William Joyce? They're pretty good. They feel like old-school whimsical children's fantasy books in the tradition of writers like L. Frank Baum. Also, the books both hint at and utilize other Guardians who weren't in the movie like Mother Goose, Mother Nature and Father Time.

    1. I had read one before they began development on this movie - enough to know what it was that was coming (well - a good idea anyway). Never made the connection to Baum before but now that you say it I can see that too. I like William Joyce's work and have a few of his books. I should look this series up again. Although it's so very unlikely, I'd love to see a second Guardians movie with other Guardians too - so much to play with...