Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Enchanting Behind-the-Scenes Report by Ian McKellen of 1st "Beauty and the Beast" Table Read

So.. wow. We already know Sir Ian McKellen has a way with words but unless this is all in his imagination, it would appear Disney is not skimping in putting the "Fairytale" in their live action fairy tale production, Beauty and the Beast!

Take a read at his beautifully descriptive report of the first table read, posted on Twitter this morning:
Personally, I'm so touched to see how much McKellen is enjoying it all. as a veteran you'd be forgiven to treat it 'professionally' (ie like any other job) but clearly, he loves doing what he does - even after all this time.

There's mention of an actor we haven't heard about yet - Hattie Morahan - and I have no doubt reporters are all over this, nutting out whom she will be.

I can't imagine them doing a table read without Lumiere so unless Hattie is now Lumiere (or whatever the female version of that would be), then this is still a 'to be revealed' secret they're holding back to keep fans in suspense.

And this 'first cast photo' from Josh Gad's Instagram account went up yesterday too:
No doubt they will all look VERY different when we see them in character.
This & the image at the head of the post are from the Be Our Guest' restaurant (as is 'the grey stuff')

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