Monday, April 13, 2015

Finnish Artist Creates Humanly Possible Anna & Elsa

So this is not normally the type of thing I post on the blog, especially when I'm so behind on all the regular fairy tale happenings around the globe but when I saw how this artist had transformed Anna, I felt like the character of Gerda could be in there, and had to share. It's not a reaction I've ever had, not with all the cosplay, nor with Once upon A Time's 'humanization' (let's just say that's a word, OK?) of the Frozen sisters. (Despite how wonderful an acting job the actresses who portrayed Anna and Elsa did on OUAT, never did I not feel like I was watching some extended Disneyland promo.)

While the result is clearly "not human" the images are hugely more realistic than any of the drawn characters and do give an interesting interpretation of what these characters might look like in life. I quite like that they are sort of human-like illustrations. Not being perfectly human gives them that otherworldly storybook quality and keeps them out of the "bad-cosplay" zone, something that appeals to me personally.

I had to add Elsa because it's weird seeing one sister without the other when they're getting any 'treatment". She finally has realistic body proportions (and still looks great) but she doesn't look as related to her sister as I'd expect.

You've seen this artist's work before. Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen is a native Finn, currently based and working in Melbourne, Australia. He's been around for a while now, transforming Disney princesses into something approximating real life girls and doing an amazing job. He works in graphic design, illustration and photo manipulation and it's via his realistic portraits of Disney girls that he's gained world wide fame.
- Images are created by combining small elements, textures, and features several tens of real photos. In addition, this "photo compositing" technology and image manipulation in addition to the process also includes a digital painting, says the artist. (Source)
I also had to add his Merida, whom I don't remember seeing before. Interestingly, this version isn't so very far from Pixar's original take on the character, though in comparison to her "doll reincarnation" (the one lots of people got upset about - and I don't blame them), she's completely different. What does that tell you?

You can find Väätäinen's website, with all the characters to date, HERE, along with his other impressive work. (To see his other Real Life Disney, click on the title of the same name, under the Pocahontas picture on the site.)

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