Saturday, April 4, 2015

Reminder & Update: Submissions Call for "Frozen Fairy Tales" Anthology

A special note from Kate Wolford of Enchanted Conversation

World Weaver Press and I are working on taking submissions for an upcoming fairy tale anthology set in winter. I can't emphasize enough that the field is wide open. 

We're super interested in holiday-related stories, but as long as a story is set in winter, it has a chance. A sense of winter and its perils and possibilities must be part your story.

Please familiarize yourself with  the kind of tales I've published on EC in the past. You can do that by looking at tales that have been published on EC. Just go to and look under the banner for relevant details. 

Please note, it's new fairy tales we're looking for. No other kind of story. 

Also, don't make them too short. We've got a book to fill and a limited budget. By the same token, super-long ones have a lesser chance as well.

Full submission details for this anthology can be found HERE.

My book, Beyond the Glass Slipper, gives a lot of perspective on how I see fairy tales and how to make them new.

Also, there will be a giveaway for fabulous fairy-tale art by Paula Richey soon, so keep visiting the site. 
Creator & Editor - Enchanted Conversation

If you love fairy tales and have been looking to add to your paid published resume, or want to be published but haven't yet, this is an opportunity for you! 
PS: You have just SIX WEEKS till the deadline!

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