Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ask Baba Yaga: How Can I Be Happy For My Ex?

The Spring (Baba Yaga and the Wolf) - by Tin Can Forest
Ex's are weird: ex-partners, ex-friends, ex-co-workers - anyone whom you spent a significant portion of your time, energy and care on but is no longer in your life, can really make you wonder why you were so easy to move on from. And are you less now because they have?

Today's question and answer (via poet and oracle Taisia Kitaiskaia* of The Hairpin):

(Originally posted at The Hairpin HERE)

"The black puddle where he left his paw print..." whoa. Isn't that so much like everyone you've cared for who's moved on and seemingly forgotten about you? I have to remember to "drink" the remembrance that I helped them be who they are, as much as they did me. Those 'cubs' grown with their teeth. I'm glad I helped them grow. I'm glad they are not here to bite me. Thanks Baba Yaga.

What do you think of Baba Yaga's advice?

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Thank you Baba Yaga (& Taisia).

Taisia Kitaiskaia is a poet, writer, and Michener Center for Writers fellow. Born in Russia and raised in America, she's had her poems and translations published in Narrative Magazine, Poetry International, and others.

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