Saturday, April 11, 2015

"The Selfish Giant" illustrated by Wladimir Dowgialo

I've been hanging on to these gorgeous illustrations for a little while now and since I just posted on an Oscar Wilde tale, I thought - why not add some gorgeous art based on another of his fairy tales? This one, is The Selfish Giant, one of Wilde's tales that seems to have remained somewhat popular around the world. (If you're not familiar with it, you can find the text HERE.)
This story seems to be one of those "illustrators's dream" assignments as I've rarely seen a sub-par set of illustrations for this fairy tale. And how could it not be? Giants, children, seasons, castles, trees, a little visit from a not-quite-human visitor and a village populated with interesting characters.. there's so much to work with.
The amazing artist this time around is Wladimir Dowgialo (yes, Wladimir - with a 'w'), whom I know very little about except that, he's from Belarus, got his degree in Illustration there and likes to illustrate fairy tales (and we like the illustrations he creates!). 

You can see a selection of his work HERE (it's amazing!) and you can find much of his work if you search. 

For today, enjoy his Selfish Giant!

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