Tuesday, April 21, 2015

SurLaLune's "Grateful Dead" Are Coming!

Awesome news from Heidi and SurLaLune this week! (So very excited, my fingers are tripping over themselves as I type!)

From the SurLaLune blog:
The Grateful Dead Tales From Around the World--the 10th SurLaLune Fairy Tale Series release!-- will be officially released on 5/4/15.  
...The book is 828 pages and stuffed full with Grateful Dead tales, discussions, and other miscellanea.
You can find more about the book HERE.

And the table of contents is HERE.

The links to Amazon don't work yet for pre-ordering but should soon.

And Heidi will be sharing on Grateful Dead folklore and tales in the lead-up!

And if you don't know this already because you're not a SurLaLune subscriber/regular, then I strongly recommend you go and check into everything SurLaLune has done because we would not be the same without her efforts and excellence.

I am buying this. I need it. I even have a gap on my bookshelf waiting for it. Why? Go check in with Heidi's upcoming posts about the tales and you'll see why this is a completely fascinating tale type.

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