Friday, April 24, 2015

"Storybook" Opens Tomorrow at Modern Eden Gallery

See the whole announcement HERE

While not limited to fairy tales, childhood classics definitely include them so this exhibit which reinterprets childhood favorite stories through an adult lens has more than a few works of interest for us fairy tale folk.

Since most of us won't be able to pop by San Francisco to head into the Modern Eden Gallery and check it out in person, here are some of the fairy tale specific works.
Jack and the Beanstalk by Chris Leib
Where the Wild Things Are by Leilani Bustamente
Thumbelina by Ciou
Alice and the Mushrooms by Brianna Angelakis
James and the Giant Peach by Richard J. Oliver
Beauty and the Beast by Jana Brike
Someone's Been Eating My Porridge (Goldilocks) by Edith LeBeau
Nightsong in the Jungle (The Jungle Book) by Helice Wen
Paper Bag Princess by Megz Majewski
Supper (LRRH - I think) by Erika Sanada
The details on the Goldilocks one are just stunning.

And, yes, I added James and the Giant Peach because it always reminds me of Peach Boy - Momotaro, though it really has very little in common with the folktale, and Where The Wild Things Are because oh-my-goodness-do-you-see-the-Japanese-monsters?! Straight out of Japanese fairy tales... Love it! And a bonus because I heart it:
Ferdinand the Bull by Isabel Samaras

Some surprise interpretations: Are you There God? It's Me Margaret (the scaly girl)
Winnie the Pooh - the bottom left with added Taoist symbology
I am super curious as to what the girl holding the invisible 'something' is, in the upper right corner by Chris Leib - ideas? (I found no clues from the artist anywhere.)

You can see more previews of the pieces at the various article sites below:
Platinum Cheese
Warholian (puts some pieces next to books were inspired by - I would have bet the bunny above was from The Velveteen Rabbit - but I was wrong!)

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