Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Making Wolves Out Of Blown Down Houses

Olav the Wolf
I just HAD to share!

There is a Danish artist who is busy making amazing sculptures out of scrap wood and other discarded construction material and this wolf, posted just a couple of weeks ago, is obviously some part of the Three Little Pigs story we just haven't seen before.
Danish artist Thomas Dambo, creates gorgeous, hulking and humorous sculptures that are all made from reclaimed scrap wood and other discarded construction materials. The sculptures can be found in such cities as CopenhagenMorsAarhus, and Horsens in Denmark and Culebra Es Ley in Puerto Rico. 
"Thomas and his team have made many different sculptures from recycled materials/trash. They have specialized in making wooden sculptures from scrapwood, such as Hector Protector and Troels The Troll but they also have great experience with making sculptures from other materials such as plastic, and even cardboard."
Olav the Wolf at night

Here's a quick little video of "Olav's" construction:

Pretty neat, right?

You can see more sculptures HERE and see other artwork by Dambo via his Instagram HERE.

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