Saturday, July 25, 2015

Just Keep Swimming, Er, Riding... (Housekeeping Note)

'The Prince and the Goose Girl' by Elinor Mordaunt, illustrated by Alice & Martin Provensen
See those rider's faces above? That's pretty much ours right now. (Mine might be closer to the completely freaked out horse's face...)

We are in the midst of one of those oh-so-stressful processes: a hard drive replacement. And it's kinda tricky. I've been struggling along between a limited tablet and an extremely slow-and-prone to crashing computer, desperately trying to make sure I've gotten copies of all my important files. (What is that line about "backing-up your back-up"? Insert that one here.)

It's been teetering on the edge of oblivion and doing a great job at keeping our blood pressure on the high side but, with some fortuitous help from some very kind people (aka magicians):

  • we now have the replacement drive (aka: high score achieved!) 
  • we now have it installed (aka: level up achieved!)
  • and now we have to do some technical wizardry getting all our minions out of the old fortress intact, and into the new one, all while battling devious invisible system-gremlins... (aka: Boss Battle!)

:/ #dontfreakoutdontfreakout

I need to find my game face and put it ON.

It looks like all this will require me to 'go dark' for a short time, though I hope you won't notice. If I'm not back in time to post our regular Sunday advice from Baba Yaga, the above gremlin are to be blamed but once we have conquered, I will make sure I post it ASAP so you don't have to wait a whole other week.

Wish us luck and cross your fingers that we keep all our digit(al)s intact!

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