Tuesday, January 28, 2014

'The Little Android' by Marissa Meyer (New Lunar Chronicles Short Prequel!)

Continuing her sci-fi fairy tale retellings, Marissa Meyer is ramping up to the release of the third book in the Lunar Chronicles series. The book (in case you missed the multiple posts here on this) is Cress, for which she is spinning her own unique retelling of Rapunzel. All signs point to "continuing the awesome" and the expanding fandom for the series among the YA crowd bodes well for a future movie, methinks.

And, as is tradition now, Marissa Meyer has just released, yesterday (Monday January 27th), a short companion story, also based on a fairy tale, from the same world as the rest of the Lunar Chronicles, making this the third story supplement for the series. The story is also a prequel, appearing to fall before the events of Cinder.

As you may have inferred from the title, The Little Android is based on Andersen's Little Mermaid and, heads-up, it's not-so-Disney, ie. you may want to have tissues handy...
Artist unknown

Although the previous two were released through Tor.com, this one is exclusively available to read via Wattpad HEREwhich, although still awesome, unfortunately means we don't get a lovely new illustration for it... yet. No doubt there is some fan art in the making though. People are really starting to envision this world in depth, as well as Meyer's sci-fi fairy tale characters.

Here is an excerpt to get you going...
An excerpt from...The Little Android by Marissa Meyer
Little Android inspired collage by mocamittel

As Mech6.0 was removing her first panel, someone yelled. She turned in time to see one of the enormous cranes tilt beneath a too-heavy load, its outstretched arm swaying dangerously for a moment that stretched out for ages, before it found the tipping point. The enormous metal arm careened toward the suspended platforms, bolts snapping and cables whipping into the air.
Still on the hanging walkway, Miko screamed.
Dataran pushed her out of the way.
The arm of the crane cracked against his head, the sound reverberating right into Mech6.0’s hard plastic shell. He was unconscious before his body fell into the oil vat below.
Miko screamed again, clinging to the walkway railing. The crane landed hard and one of the cables flew loose from the ceiling. The platform careened to one side, but the remaining cables held.
by Aditya Ikranegara

Mech6.0 did not take the time to process the situation or calculate the best course of action—she was already rolling toward the containers. Around her, people yelled and machinery screeched and halted, footsteps thundered and the rickety walkway trembled overhead. Someone called for a ladder or a rope, but Mech6.0 already had her magnets activated to collect the panel screws. With single-minded precision, she found herself climbing the side of the enormous tank, her grippers spread out against its metal sides, heaving her body upward.  It was an awkward climb, one her body was not made for, as her treads banged against the tank and her arms flailed for the next purchase. Her joints strained under her weight. But then she was hauling herself up onto the ledge that was just barely wide enough for her to stand on.
The vat of oil was black as the night sky without stars. Black and terrifying.
Mech6.0 tipped herself over and went in.
She sank fast, and though she immediately turned her sensor light on to full brightness, it did little to help her. Extending her arms as far as they would go, she searched the bottom of the tank, knowing that he was here somewhere, he was here, he was—
Little Android inspired collage by mocamittel
She tightened her grippers and dragged her body toward him through the thick oil. It was seeping through her paneling now, blocking her input plugs, glugging into the charging inlet. But she had him.
She wrapped her arms around his torso and heaved him upward. He was heavier than she expected and it occurred to her that the bolts connecting her arms to their sockets may not hold, but she kept going. Finding the tank’s wall, she planted her prongs against the side again and started to climb. There was no light anymore, no senses at all but the sound of her grippers and the tread bumping into the wall and the pressure of his body pressing down onto her as she forced both of them up, up, up …
You can read the whole story at Wattpad HERE. Enjoy! 
And there's just 6 days to go till Cress is released...

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