Friday, January 31, 2014

Article: "Out Of the Bottle" (aka I Have An Article in La Vie Sirene's Genie Issue Today!)

Scheherazade by DrawingNightmare
Look! Joy Siren made very kind noises about my article idea and found room to sneak it into Siren Life, aka La Vie Sirene, today. Even though my title - "Out Of the Bottle" had already been used by another lovely writer, hopefully you still get the idea... It's all about genies this month, except my article is more fact than fiction... 
The image at the head of the post is of Scheherezade, one of my favorite female fairy tale characters. She was strong, resourceful, resilient and her weapon was stories (including those about genies). Scheherezade was a 'bomb girl' of a different kind and she would have related to the struggle I discuss in the article very well.

You can read the whole article HERE and scroll back through the month for lots of information, stories and whimsy on genies (as you might imagine, our favorite Jeannie is a regularly featured).

Big thanks to Joy Siren for making room for my unusual little article.


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