Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Art: Zan von Zed's Fairy Tale Femmes

"East of the Sun, West of the Moon"
A new artist discovery (for me) this year is Australian artist Zan von Zed, who's angularly featured and swan-necked ladies definitely have a fairy-tale-with-a-twist feel to them.
"Darling It's Better.." (Little Mermaid - on wood)
She mainly works in pencil but also in oil, watercolor and enhances some pencil with digital as well.
"Frog Prince"
While Ms. Zed has a number of online homes she hasn't offered up very much about herself, her influences (other than that she likes turtles) or art education. She is, however, very generous with her video tutorials/behind-the-scenes and takes the time to respond to most questions on her Facebook and Instagram accounts (links listed below).
Snow White's Stepmother
(I'm guessing, but I'm also not the only one who thinks this -BTW this is "just a sketch"!)
I'm including a few extra illustrations that, although aren't specific tales, still feel like they belong in one.
Looks like a Russian (snow) fairy tale
Officially this is "A Time Before Pants" but I'm thinking Mary Queen of Scots
(A castle crown - how great is that?)
This reminds me of Janet from Tam Lin (though it might just be Mary pre-Queen of Scots)
I'd love to see this finished
Amazing and beautiful, classic yet modern, the faces say so much without extreme expressions and those hands..! More please. Especially fairy tale - more fairy tales please!

Zan von Zed's art - and products and prints - can be found in the following places:

Once again - do stop by Behance and click "Appreciate This" or drop a comment on her Facebook page or Instagram. Let's keep this artist working and hopefully we'll see a series of illustrations on a tale in the future. *crosses fingers*

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